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“ADHD Isn’t Real… and No One Needs Medication"

“ADHD Isn’t Real… and No One Needs Medication"2014-07-24T11:06:07+00:00

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    Hello everyone!

    I want to share something with you. Ava Green (the Co-Founder of this website) has courageously shared her story about Rick getting diagnosed and I think everyone should take a minute to check it out. She explains how this site came to be and why she is so passionate about it.

    For your convenience I have posted the beginning of her blog here:

    “ADHD Isn’t Real… and No One Needs Medication”

    By Ava Green

    If ADHD isn’t real, and no one needs medication, my next line will make no sense at all! But stick with me and you’ll see the connection soon.

    ADD & Loving It?! is coming back to PBS and I couldn’t be more excited—it has a really special place in my heart, and it literally changed my life. Here’s why…

    Flash back to 2001 and I’m dating the person I’m now married to, my partner, Rick Green. We’re both recently divorced and, it turns out, Rick’s just been diagnosed with ADHD. While the diagnosis made so much sense to him—Finally! An explanation for so many things! What a relief!—it garnered disbelief and some downright snide remarks from friends and family.

    I’d like to say that I was enlightened and supportive… but that wouldn’t exactly be the truth…

    Click here to read the rest of her blog


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    Thanks for sharing Jimi, you are the glue to this website.

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