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ADHD meds after Long QT diagnosis?

ADHD meds after Long QT diagnosis?2019-01-28T05:41:38+00:00

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    After several years of taking ADHD meds after an adult ADHD diagnosis and a decade of psychiatric med prescriptions pre-diagnosis, I was diagnosed with a Drug-Induced QT Prolongation (acquired disturbance of the heart’s electrical system.) I have no idea what drug or drugs caused the long QT but now ADHD meds and most psychiatric meds are now on a long list of mediations I can no longer take. I’ve had a psychiatrist tell me it’s likely safe to take stimulant ADHD meds and a cardiologist say he’d drop me as a patient if I took them because they’re absolutely not safe. Joy. What to do. I function much better with ADHD meds but now that I can’t take them, I don’t know what to do. Anyone in a similar situation?

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