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    Yes, not picking up on visual cues is a trait, for some of us. It comes in part from not paying attention, being caught up in our own thoughts too much, just simply missing the cue. It’s also an inability to learn, and remember, social codes, and to adapt to new situations with different codes.

    But there are also plenty of ADDers like yourself who are very social and get along well with others. It’s partly just a difference in personality. Different experiences play a role as well, whether social interactions in the past have been mostly positive or mostly negative, and how much social experience you have.

    It’s also where you fit on the spectrum, which collection of little quirks you specifically inherited. A lot of us have traits that are very similar to the traits of autism, and some of us actually are autistic. Not picking up on visual cues, or understanding facial expressions, is one of the biggest challenges for people with ASD.



Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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