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Adult Adders Get Organized

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    Thought this info would be helpful to us adults. This is the neurofeedback brain training program I used of which they take questions and give answers. It’s called Sheer Genius after Einstein who also had ADHD and was brilliant!

    Dear Sheer Genius,

    I am an adult ADDer. My biggest problem is staying organized. My house is a complete wreck. I cannot find anything in my house, my car, or even at my office.

    I am trying to set one goal for myself each moth that will help me become more organized. I would like to have a better system to deal with my mail. I have mail everywhere. Old mail, new mail, it all just piles up. I have missed appointments and constantly pay bills late because I cannot keep up with my mail. Do you have any strategies to help with this?

    Check is in the mail (late)! Brian

    Dear Brian,

    Adults with AD/HD often have difficulties with organization skills. Is your mail piled high on top of your desk? Have you missed paying a bill because you were unable to find it in the mail mound?

    Try these strategies:
    If you go to the post office to pick up your mail sort the mail before you leave the post office. Throw away all magazines and junk mail that you do not need.
    Only bring home mail that is important or needs to be shredded.
    When you get the mail home, immediately open and sort mail again over a shredder. Shred all credit card offers and other mail that is not needed but has your personal information on it. Throw away all empty envelopes.
    Place organizer trays on your desk or counter. One tray on top should be for time sensitive materials like bills that need to be paid in a timely manner. One tray can be for mail that needs to be filed. One tray for miscellaneous mail. These trays should be small so you will not be able to leave mail for more than a couple of days.
    Set aside time every day or at least every other day to take care of the mail in your trays.
    Set up as much automated bill pay and email reminders through your bank as possible. This will eliminate a lot of mail. It will also help you keep up with paying bills on time.

    Taking just a few minutes a day to organize your mail will alleviate a lot of stress, frustration and late fees in the long run.
    I do hope this helps!
    With all my best wishes and attention,
    – Sheer Genius

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