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advice son w/ adhd

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    Some psychologist have waived my son’s behavior as ‘boy behavior’ and some as ADHD. now 6 years old and just finished kindergarten. my son has been on Strattera for about 4-5 months. I don’t think its working… after about a month dosage was increased, and each about 6 weeks since then.. now seems to have aggravation along with ADHD and his ADHD seems so much worse. before when he would accidentally hurt someone because of his hyperactive impulsiveness he would feel really bad and say his heart was hurt and doesn’t want to hurt anyone… now he doesn’t care and sometimes even laughs.. his psychologist for outpatient therapy is supposed to be for ADHD therapy & medication control.. but he doesnt seem to help my son at or or give him any behavioral tools… he looks like he is falling asleep and doesnt say a word while my son talks about random stuff and  then no feedback for a whole hour… psychiatrist is at doc office via video conference and doesnt talk to my son…. based on his behavior through camera and my input she has apparently opted to keep increasing… what do i do? I should also mention I am pregnant and his new behaviors and worsening adhd has caused him harm to myself (kicked and elbowed in stomach) also harm on himself, sisters, dogs, and kids at school

    need advice please help!

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