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After my diagnosis I suddenly enjoy myself

After my diagnosis I suddenly enjoy myself2010-01-24T18:06:30+00:00

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    For 35 years I have been wondering what is wrong with me. I have looked at my friends and I´ve alwaysbeen trying to figure out why, and how they can be so organized. How do they do it?? Now I know, they do it, I don´t. But I wanted to remind you all of one thing: ADHD can also be a really fun and exiting world, a creative realm where things happen, and you get to know new people.

    I have always been known as the social one among my peers. The one who just talk to people and enjoy life; the bohemian if you wish. This of course is part of my persona, but today, after knowing what I know I also understand the impulsiveness that this comes from. But, that wont shut me up, why should it? I come from Sweden, here we don´t talk to people in the bus line, here we don´t make a spectable of ourselves, Swedes hate everything about making a fool of themselves; so sometimes I´m even considered being totally non swedish. But, the difference today from a year back is that I stand confident in my talking to people all over town, I stand confident in my inability to understand new machines that the community introduces, and my friends stand corrected: I might be the bohemian, but I am still me.

    So, if not for any other reason, I am truly happy for my diagnosis, because now I can enjoy myself!

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