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After testing….how about if I'm just a lady who lives and loves life!!??

After testing….how about if I'm just a lady who lives and loves life!!??2010-12-12T07:12:32+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! My Story After testing….how about if I'm just a lady who lives and loves life!!??

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    Tis true, I am curious, dramatic, love to talk, smart, funny…but isn’t that just someone with a lively personality, outgoing and brave spirit, loves the adventure of life? I have to say..I am cautious here, as I saw part of the program on PBS, and was interested to take the test on the site…but still skeptical of all this. I don’t think I need meds…just need an exciting, fun life! It can be accomplished by the way..through reaching out to people…getting involved in projects and activities…traveling, singing, acting, teaching…. Well, you

    can see by my writing that I could go on and on about this theory. My mom was a psych-nurse…and I know quite a lot about psychology…so I will remain skeptical about ADHD until I learn more and try to observe myself. I scored high on the test…that is 7 out of 9, etc. Take care….


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    Glad to hear that, despite having some positive traits associated with ADHD, those traits don’t appear to have compromised your ability to be productive at work or school, to feel socially competent, to succeed as a marital partner, to parent effectively, to organize your life or to feel good about yourself on a day-to-day basis. Yup, sounds to me like you don’t need meds. Thanks for stopping by.


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    Not all AD/HD folks would seem to “need” meds, some do for a while, then learn to channel their positive traits, others need the meds forever.

    It would seem to have the basic traits, but also possibly involve a much larger list at times as well.

    Me, I’m the all-inclusive, you name it, it applies person. 9 of 9, yes to every single question. On the 18 question PDF, I was in the gray or right hand columns on all questions, most the extreme right, for a score of 83 out of a possible 90.

    All yes on one, mostly yes on another, son diagnoses with it pretty bad – he has real troubles without his meds.

    Yet others seem to be able to cope with counseling or coaching, and some life changes.

    And some folks score high on the test, but that’s just them – not really ADD – at least that’s what I’m seeing by casual observation.

    (I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)