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All of these descriptions sounds like me (undiagnosed)

All of these descriptions sounds like me (undiagnosed)2012-06-30T19:01:23+00:00

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    Hi there. I’m a new member. Let me quick start off by saying that I’m 14 and I suspect that I have ADD/ADHD. Well actually I am 95% sure I have one of the two.

    Since I’m on vacation and have only an iPhone I can’t exactly take the test but I will when I get to a computer and I will probably score high (high meaning I have it?). I will try to explain things as clear and organized as I can.

    I’ve always had a fast mind. All throughout elementary school I had awesome grades and my main interests are in aviation (my dream), engineering, and computers (computers are also my life, I built one). My friend Kyle and I met in 5th grade and it seemed every week or two we had a new interest, or “obsession”. This went on through 6th grade as well, whether it be fountain pens, or the rubicks cube which I’ve solved thousands of times, to paper airplanes, oragami, to to-yo’s.

    Like I said I had good grades in elementary and got good grades on those standardized tests (called PSSA’s here in Pennsylvania). I still do because even though I have to sit there for 2 hours straight they still are easy. Unfortunately my grades in middle school were bad, especially in math and French. It’s constantly my teachers saying “You are a smart and intellectual kid, you just need to focus/ why aren’t you getting good grades?”. My mom says I get bored in school, which is true. When I go into those hyper focus times that people describe here on the fourms, I usually am the first one done on anything.

    One thing that has affected my grades is homework. These past 2 years of middle school (going into 9th, high school this year) I have always just used my 30 minutes before the day starts to do my homework, since I can’t do it at home. Sitting silently at my desk forcing myself to do this horribly boring thing that I don’t care about I just can’t do, or it ends up taking my WAY more time that it should take.

    Anyway, I have made a video after bein inspired watching other add videos on YouTube. I didn’t upload it, but I will get so easily sidetracked and I will then forget what I was just previously talking about, and have to “start from scratch” if you will.

    I also forget things SO easily. It’s constant, usually my iPhone be abuse I don’t need a wallet or keys yet. I tend to put it down and completely forget where I put it later so I end up looking all over the house for it, only to remember much later or find it in an obvious spot. Though I constantly forget more important things, like important school papers, my phone at the store sitting on a shelf, and just recently which made me question of I have ADD in the first place, I forgot to put on a bathing suit which I realized as we were nearing the water park. I then get yelled at for seemingly being punished for a crime I had no idea I committed, you know that feeling? Forgetting something that obvious was the last straw, and even before that my family have jokes about me being an “ADD child” and I laughed too just because I was always told I was just “irresponsible” and “not thinking”. Well I am thinking, it’s just that the obvious important things didn’t dawn on me!

    Sorry getting a bit off-topic here aren’t I? Anyway to wrap this up I didn’t even think about me seriously having ADD/ADHD until recently and I have found I am just like that comedian guy from “straight answers”. Our minds are CONSTANTLY into the next thing, always going fast. I will show my mom that video and we will discuss setting up an appointment with the doctors.

    This might sound really messed up but honestly I hope I get diagnosed with it. Why? Well I just really want to know that I’m not stupid, I’m not irresponsible, I’m not handicapped or anything, it’s not my fault that I’m like this. Better yet this is fairly correctable with medication. I love my crazy brain, even though it can be a complete b**** sometimes.

    Thanks very much for reading, and let me know your thoughts, as I would appreciate you taking the time to write them.


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    I felt happy reading your post, happy that you are 14 and looking for answers. I wish I had this info when I was fourteen, but hey, I can only go forward. I am 39 and I just started questioning this about me a couple of weeks ago and have been on a non-stop search for more answers since.

    I have a Master’s Degree and I feel like a fraud because I don’t really understand how I managed to get there. A 2 year program took me 5 years to complete. My excuse was that I was really kind of “part time” and that I also worked part time. I also went on sick leave due to stress. My list of “failures” don’t end there. I was always the slowest at any job. If work ended at 4, I was there til 7 or 8 going over things, making sure I didn’t miss anything because I knew I made stupid mistakes sometimes and I really wanted to do well.

    All this to say, if early testing can help you avoid this or something similar down the road, by all means get evaluated :).

    I wish you the best of luck finding your answers. I will be looking for mine too :)


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