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All the syptoms match me but…(undiagnosed)

All the syptoms match me but…(undiagnosed)2012-07-22T18:12:36+00:00

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    The descriptions of ADD match me, but I was never put in the Alternate Classes, because it seemed all the troubled kids were put in the Alternate classes. I try go in for help, but I’m in a small town… I’m “The Good Kid” so the local theripists here look at me like I’m stupid, like I’m NOT supposed to be there talking to them because I am “The Good Kid”, I’m not the “Rez Kid” or the “Bad Kid” or “The kid with Alcoholic parents”.

    I am an only child, I’m extremely shy, but creative and full of energy. I was the Validictorian in grad, but only because no one in my class wanted the position. I’ve always felt different from other kids. Something has always been different from everyone… people stare at me sometimes because they know somethings wrong with me, and maybe that;s why I was always a loner in school. I don’t have many friends that hangout with me.

    I used to blurt out answers in class, but I restrain myself now becuase i’d get sent to the office for speaking when not spoken to. I don’t remember very much from elementary school. I remember faces better than names or birthdays. Everyone gets upset with me when i don’t remember their names.

    I’m not reliable with important jobs, so I’m never hired or asked to help, and it hurts me.

    Children like me though :) Whenever I see a group of kids they all Yell out my name and rush over to hug me.. and a lot of the time I”ve forgotten what i’ve done to make them love me so much.

    I’m 21 years old, but I look like I’m 16, I act like a 14yr old and people treat me like a 14yr old. It’s bad for applying to a job, no one hires me because I do act immature at times. I can’t stop my behaviour becuase its who I am, but would like to take something, I want to function “Normally” enough so I can get hired. I need to move out of this sh*t town. Everyone here is close-minded. Remember I’m “Thee Good Kid”.

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