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Allow me to “esteem-roller” a few things.

Allow me to “esteem-roller” a few things.2018-04-18T03:15:30+00:00

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    I’ve only been aware of my situation for a few weeks, but I keep hearing something from all over, (including this site) that just galls me.
    All my life I’ve busted my backside to be a good, decent, person, and try to get along. I do pretty well.
    I have never apologized for the aspect that I will DO the necessary while the plodding flatlanders only talk about it.
    My friends always call ME if something breaks or needs fixing, because I can THINK a way to get it done.
    I’d bet a fortune that back when the ORIGINAL bright shiny thing was looked at, it was the ADHD Neanderthal that walked to some lightning strike or what-have-you and figured out he could pick up that bright shiny by the cold end of the stick. And he mastered fire.
    The “normal” Neanderthal was doing what was normal: eating bushes and running like hell from that loud noise and bright flash.
    Curiosity is by far ruled by the adhd tendency. I refuse to listen to somebody whose brain is slower than mine tell me that he’s somehow better.
    The reason their brains can carry a thought for a week as opposed to my short span is because they HAD to be able to carry on to an answer. The ADD/ADHD brain didn’t do that because it had the answer in ten minutes and didn’t NEED to.
    The lemmings tell the lions that “I’m superior.” and because there are unlimited numbers of them as opposed to lions, they make more noise(not more sense, just noise), and their unified cry is “We have the right to tell you!! There’s more of us!”
    That guy without the condition was born that way. I was born this way.
    Right out of the gate, we are dead even. Without his fellow lemmings to scream his praises and my lack, he and I have exactly the same rights to our way of being.
    I do not howl and yammer, cry,piss,bitch, and moan about the aspect that this mentally slow, completely introverted , scared to stand out, plodding, knuckle dragger happens to be that way, I just go around.
    But HE will carry til forever if I show that I can , even for just a short span, remember in clearer detail, fashion anything I want to build with the skills I easily learn, act convincingly on stage, write poetry, and in general, I can CREATE! Many times Without having to have prints and drawings.
    I do not yell at him to pull his head out and speed up.
    But he’ll damned sure tell me take all these drugs and slow down so He has a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping up.
    Again, way back when, was it the Neanderthal or the cro magnon who was adhd, and absorbed the under achiever into the race.
    I doubt they’ll find that in the cave paintings.
    In short, I would tell anyone that the ADHD/ADD brain that thinks fast in the short run and has instant reflexes is a far greater survival trait than the brain that needs three days to hunt down a bit of food.
    The non add is a better farmer(flatlanders). Keep plowing a good straight furrow because he can switch instantly from one set of tracks to another, right next to the other one. Terrible with add.
    The add person is the better hunter because he can switch from one set of tracks to another without hesitation.
    Different skills, but both just as valid as the other.
    So don’t tell me or yourself or anyone else that it’s the flatlanders alone who has the right to the self-use of the word normal.
    We are ALL normal, for people that have add/adhd.
    Be proud of it!
    And, YEAH!! I DO really feel that way about it!!


    That Guy with ADHD
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    Harry1, If I had An ADHD Flag I’d be waving it right now!

    Yay Me and my ADHD!



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    It just seems to me that whoever made up the standard had to favor the one over the other.
    Maybe there was a vote on what would be considered “normal”, but the add guy wasn’t old enough to vote yet, so he lost by default.
    Being recent, and having lived for 67 years without meds, since I didn’t know, y’know? Managed to actually move up a rank to middle class from where my family was when I was small. Worked hard at being there for others even when I couldn’t be there for myself. Got to be an expert at wearing a mask. Awesome chameleon. And I made it here on what I supplied, and that great grace shown to me by my God. There hasn’t been a lot of charity in my life, but there have been blessings that can’t be bought or sold.
    Totally wrecked myself and my life twice, crawled into a bottle a day for 15years, and it shut off like a faucet one day. No shakes, no haze, felt great, good appetite. Like I never touched alcohol.
    THAT is a blessing.
    I digress. SURPRISE!!
    It’s just that I have managed to thrive to a point, and I am proud of it. I am genuinely good at what I do, and that ain’t easy. I’m not going to let anyone say that I got there on somebody’s largesse.
    In an underground comic book in the 70’s, a man name of Rand Holmes wrote something that I think went:
    “My thoughts, dreams and aspirations are just as valid as those of any man, living or dead.”
    Sounds good to me.

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