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Alternative Treatment For ADD/ADHD

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    I just read this article and was not surprised that it is the same neurofeedback program I used with my daughter. I tried the medication and did not like the side effects I saw in her when they started wearing off. This alternative did the trick for us and we are now onto bigger, better journeys in life. I am also using it with my father who lives with us now and suffers from Alzheimer’s. This information may help other along their in dealing with this different nature.



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    Thanks for this info. No idea if  your post is genuine or if it’s a clever advert, but it was interesting reading the paper.

    One article that caught my eye was one on ADHD kid getting straight As after diagnosis:


    What’s interesting is that he lives in Dubai but is prescribed Concerta. According to a UAE web page both MPH and amphetamines are illegal in the United Arab E.

    I go via Dubai on work trips and take my dex with me. But I read that I could get a 4 year jail sentence if I was caught with it – even in transit. That’s even with a doctor’s letter and a copy of the prescription. I read that the UAE consulate has to approve the doctors letter officially. So I contacted them to see if they would do that, but haven’t had a reply. So I dare not take my meds with me via there, but I need them on a work trip.

    So it just seems odd…. if anyone from Dubai. or other parts of the UAE is a member, I’d love to know the truth – are these meds illegal or not?


    Patte Rosebank
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    The big red flag to me is the claim that this is a “cure”.

    ADHD is a genetic variant, just like height. You can learn to understand it and how to manage it, but you can’t “cure” it; it’s with you for life.

    Though, I do like that the article says that attention issues are not just limited to people with ADHD.

    The “Play Attention” program itself was developed in the USA, and the Emirati businesswoman has just opened a franchise to sell it.

    I’ve looked into this program, and, despite the company’s claims that it isn’t biofeedback, it actually IS a form of biofeedback. And, so far, there is insufficient hard scientific evidence to support the efficacy of these methods in treating ADHD. Maybe, if there were more large-scale, double-blind scientific testing, it could find that hard evidence.

    In the meantime, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t work for you.  There is anecdotal evidence (personal stories) from people who used it, and found that it worked well for them. But anecdotal evidence isn’t real scientific evidence, so Your Mileage May Vary.

    For me, the biggest red flag on the Play Attention site is that you have to call them to find out the price. I always get a funny feeling about companies that won’t tell you the price until after they’ve made their sales pitch.

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