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Always the same issue with me

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    Hi there,

    wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I always do well in the job interview, i get hired, then a few months later i iether get fired or they talk to me about my not having attention to detail, making the same, stupid, mistake over and over again. They always say that im a nice person and the patients at the clinic like me, but that I am not concentrating or making errors that are very silly. Im not remembering direction in some instances but when it comes to remembering the patients names and reasons for thier visit i can remember over a 1000 people. My boss said he will give me another chance but im afraid i will get fired again. I try my best, i cant try any harder….I have decided to perhaps go on medication…thoughts?????


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    YEP! Welcome to ADHD! Medication is a WORLD of a difference when it comes to the work field. I was all over the place and forgot everything I was doing. Once on meds I was able to stay on track and remember what I was doing. Paper work still kills me… but im working on it!

    Oh… when I first started taking meds I thought they did nothing for me. I was expecting a big WOW!! I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN IS GONE! Nope… wasnt like that at ALL! They were very subtle differences…. The first one I noticed… during an educational session I didn’t doodle on my notes! Normally all the sides were covered in cartoons and doodles. I was quite amazed. Another subtle difference… I stopped making beeping sounds. Yeah that sounds weird. I also was able to tune into what people were saying instead of just starring at their eye ball hoping they didnt notice I was wasnt listening. Like I said in many other posts… when not on my meds my co-workers think im drunk or on drugs.


    allan wallace
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    😆 Beeping noises? Do any of you ever try and trick people into saying, or repeating a word if if you happen to find the word funny? 😯


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    The my coworkers think I’m on drugs if I don’t take my Adderal rings strong with me. I actually feel drugged when I don’t take it as well. I’m usually pretty good about taking all my pills, vitamins ect upon arising for work but some days I just make the big mistake of sitting in front of the computer while getting ready and time gets away from me and then I barely have enough time to make it to work let alone take my pills prior to leaving.


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    hey carrie,

    I have that beeping noise thing too. When I forget to take my meds it comes out when I’m around my boyfriend. Who just shakes his head and says “no beeping noises” In a nice way. I also sing to my dog and cats. Excess energy I suppose.


    But yes I have had the same issue with every job I have ever had. Lots of simple mistakes, keeping track of time. List goes on. Always great on the creative end until I get so burned out trying to get all the executive functions in order that my creativity takes a nose dive.

    Mostly what I try to do is have a notebook to jot down stuff I need to know or remember. I start the day with a list of stuff I have to do.

    I have a color coding system for folders so I can visually see what’s going on. And I use Office Time. A time racking application that I can enter things as I work on them and stop and start timer. I use job numbers so I can also run a report and get a total on how much time a certain task took. It also shows a pie chart which again is a good visual reference for me.

    It works for the most part but I still loose track of small increments of time. And sometimes I forget to start the timer. But I can change that if needed. Overall It has helped me stay on track and I can “see” what I’m actually doing.

    I also keep a notebook for the random yet creative thoughts that run through my head so I can go back to it later and not get sidetracked off on some tangent.

    Medication also made a big difference. It was subtle Like Carrie mentioned. No parting of the Red Sea Like I expected. But over time I can really see a difference. Doesn’t cure it all but takes it down a notch for me.

    Oh also when I forget something or a person’s name I say “could you please refresh my memory?” And look them in the eye with interest and a pleasant friendly look. It seems to go over better than I forgot. Or looking away. I heard a sales clerk do this in a store I was shopping at. Her boss was asking her about something. The boss responded in a nice way and I was shocked. I was expecting her to get reamed. As what I usually experienced. So I mimicked what the clerk did. Although I try not to do it a lot. Overall people seem to respond well when I use that.

    Sometimes what I need is a reference point then I can remember exactly what it was. Often details the other person doesn’t remember.

    But I need that starting reference point.


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    I made a similar post no one has addressed yet.

    I’m in the same desperate situation always the same problem whether on on or off medication. If I’m off medication the work issues I have get even worse

    I’m not sure what to do or how to find a job where I will do well at, good working hours as I have young son, and good pay that will allow me to take care of myself without any help

    Any ideas anyone?

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