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    Hi there!

    I’m a 15 year old girl and I was just wondering if I have ADHD. Plrase reply to tell me if I’m just lazy or somethig else!

    About myself:

    I am very forgetful (I always forget where I put my stuff or what I’m about to do)
    I can’t concentrate much (Usually in class I always doodle or zone out and daydream)
    In class I often ask to go to the toilet (I go like almost every class just because I want to get out of there)
    I always procrastinate with my work
    I get my homework done in the morning before my classes and I tend to be hyperfocused on it
    I can’t sit still for long unless it’s something I like(like watching a movie or youtube videos)
    I am very easily distracted (If I see something or think of something, I easily change the subject)
    My parents always talk to me about me being lazy and never studying and never reaching my potential and I feel the same.
    I always make careless mistakes (in tests especially, more often than not the mistakes I make is careless and i always get scorned by my mum for not focusing more)
    I have impulses to start things but never finish them (I’ve started writing like 10 stories but haven’t finished any of them)
    I get good grades even though I don’t really try
    My books are messy, my notes are messy, my locker is messy, my bag is messy everything is messy
    Change the conversation all the time (a lot of people have pointed out that it’s rude e.g we could be talking about something then I just randomly start talking about how I hate the building across the road)
    I’m what my parents would call a chatterbox
    I always get in trouble about not trying at school and my parents always talk to eachother about me not studying at home or not seeing me doing homework etc
    I described the symptoms to my mum and she said that when I was younger they were more prevalent and that I’m better now and that all I had to do was focus and concentrate
    When i was young I would always be scorned for not concentrating or being forgetful or not focusing
    I don’t really listen and when people tell me instructions I often have to ask them to repeat it
    When I was younger, I was able to talk on a 2 hour car ride non-stop
    When I was younger, my mum used to make me do this thing where I have to sit still for five minutes and it was torture
    I constantly do things that I don’t notice until someone tells me (e.g playing with my water bottle at dinner)
    I often lack social awareness
    I don’t really know how to act in social conditions
    I’m often criticized for over reacting to little things
    I alwayd bump into people and am not really aware of my surroundings
    When i was younger, my mum told me that I would sometimes just suddenly cross the road or act impulsively
    i often say things without thinking
    I am great in exam conditions as I can just sometimes have moments where I’m like really focused
    I’ve always done all of these things since I was young
    I can concentrate in classes that I’m interested in but I practically fall asleep when I find something boring
    Sometimes when I’ve been on my laptop a long time i just start running back and forth around the house and I find myself fidgeting with my headphones or just start playing tetris to give myself something to do
    I’m really clumsy and always knock things over and my mum had a habit of moving things out of my way (e.g she moved all the glasses away from me, but when I came back from the toilet and sat down, I saw a newspaper and picked it up and all the glass was on it

    I also have trouble going to sleep at night as I always think so much before I go to sleep and have a hard time waking up in the morning.

    Thanks for reading! I know it’s a really long list but I’m just really curious. Thanks for all your help!


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    That is WAY  to many words to read.I can’t focus at all on everything you said.Though don’t ask on here if you have adhd we aren’t doctors or well some people on here might be.I have no idea.Still best to just go get tested for it.

    Everyone acts a little adhd/add at times.Some normal people might do it more than others.So you could end up not having it.Again see a doctor about it and let them tell you.That’s the whole point for them to go to college to become one in the first place. 😀


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Hey hannah0012

    I managed to read your entire list. And almost everything you note about yourself would be considered an ADHD symptom. It’s amazing. You definitely need to learn more, and try some ADHD strategies to see if they help.

    We have a video called ADD & Mastering It! which features 36 ADHD-Friendly strategies that Patrick McKenna and I have used ourselves. It was running on PBS and some stations may still carry it. Or you can get it from our shop.

    We’ve found these tools work with our mindset.  Whereas a lot of tools and strategies that work for ‘normal’ people, also known as Muggles’, don’t work for us.

    Check out my Blog http://totallyadd.com/no-more-agendas/

    I’m not a doctor. And though I know a lot of doctors read our Forums, none of them would diagnose you from a list like this. ADHD is too complex. And it has to have been there for a while. Not just a recent thing since your parents divorced, or you moved to a new city and you’re now at a highly competitive school.

    My suggestion? Read as much as you can? Check out our free videos. Ask your parents or Santa for some of our longer videos. And if people in your life don’t believe you, or believe ADHD is real, have them sit down and watch some of the videos. There are thousands and thousands of studies done on this disorder. Doctors have been describing it since at least the 1700’s. There’s all kinds of research being done to identify the genes involved. And as you’ve listed yourself, this disorder can sabotage every area of life, and every ambition or good idea that you have.

    The good news? You’re 15.  I think every one of us who wasn’t diagnosed until we were older–I was 47–wishes we had known when we were still kids. And most of us who take medication and know the difference it can make wish we’d known about it sooner.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.

    Oh, and our book, ADD Stole My Car Keys lists 155 signs you have ADHD. And over 20 of them are potential strengths.  You’ll enjoy it.


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