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Am I just an ENFP or do I have ADHD?

Am I just an ENFP or do I have ADHD?2015-11-20T11:30:24+00:00

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    I am really starting to wonder whether I have had ADHD all my life and how to make my doctor take my concerns seriously, rather than think I’m self-diagnosing. (I am currently on anxiety medication and I am a bit of a hypochondriac.)

    I was a high achiever at school and in sports when younger, getting the best results at GCSE in my year. I’ve always joked that my success has got worse over time, with me being able to focus most at school, less at college and then less so with each year at university (my grades were better in the first year than third).

    When I was younger (and still now), I was and am:

    VERY messy – no matter how hard I tried it always got bad again.

    My mother-in-law thinks I’m just lazy, which is really hard as she is very old-fashioned and thinks it’s my role. My husband sometimes complains he does the cooking and sorts stuff and all I need to do is some washing but he often doesn’t have boxers. Within a day of tidying it is messy again.

    I am always told off for how messy my desk is at work and I always struggle to see how people keep theirs tidy.

    Extremely talkative and people say I speak so fast they can’t understand (I’ve even been stopped by a stranger who commented on it!).

    I would say I am really friendly though and it could just be that. Ii do sometimes interject when someone is talking but it’s because I’m excited and enthusiastic about what they are saying. I do quickly apologise if I sense I have truly butted in, but it’s not a “back to me” type of butting in and usually makes the conversation flow better. In general, people like my enthusiasm and tend to call me the life and soul of the party.

    Late – in general

    I was always late for work, but luckily made it back because I practically ran down the road to work. When we go out for tea, we always have to put back the reservation as I’ve underestimated how long it will take, or kidded myself that I can get ready much quicker.

    Forgetful of dates / things to do, etc – people would call me scatty

    I forget birthdays and appointments. I have booked a train for the wrong weekend twice (once I only just discovered that I had booked a week early and was going to a wedding – luckily I had texted to say I was excited to see them married that day) and missed an evening wedding once because I thought it was the week after. These are all recent events but when I was younger I was the same.

    Very disorganised

    At school I was always late with deadlines for coursework, but because I produced good work and was generally liked I got off scot-free usually. At uni I would always cram for exams and coursework would be an all-nighter (but who wasn’t?).

    It was when  I got to work that  I really suffered. I was essentially pushed form a career in law because I just couldn’t get organised, would miss key deadlines (or be so last minute it would send me into a blind panic) and would put off work, even when I knew it was important.




    I wouldn’t say I  am hyper (though one boss said Ii used to make him tired looking at me). I used to climb walls a lot and so my mum and dad decided gymnastics would be a good outlet for me (it was, and I did really well at it and loved it). I am very expressionate and am always playing with my hair and lips (though that is really a disorder as Ii pull my hair out when stressed.)

    A massive worrier

    My dad used to joke that I would start at my head, work down to my toes and then work back up again.  I am now on anxiety tablets, but I think that a lot of that is caused by a build-up of things. I worry what people think (though it doesn’t stop me acting how I am as I think I should just be me) and I worry about health and my job. In fact,  worry about a lot.

    But on the same note, I am probably one of the bubbliest people you would know when I’m not having a bad bout of anxiety!


    The thing that makes me think I am not ADHD is that I could focus when at school.  I liked learning and was good at it. I got an A* at maths and was even sent to a geeky maths camp. I hated the mundane nature of my job in law and so I think that maybe it’s half that. However, I still get accused of lack of attention to detail in my current job (again, this is when doing the admin stuff which is very unchallenging).

    I’ve also done a Myers-Brigg test and it comes out as ENFP, which basically has very similar traits.


    I suffer with anxiety and pull out my hair and am under the doctor for these. I don’t want him to think I just want to be diagnosed with everything, but I’m trying to understand how it all fits together and why I’ve never been a success at life. I want kids soon and  I want them to be proud of what their mum has achieved.

    What do people think? Does it sound like I’ve got it? When I said to my parents about it my dad said, “You’re always diagnosing yourself with something” and said I can’t be because I was good at school. I’m not making the symptoms above up though.


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    Maybe you are both? This is a fun test. I got introverted-mediator type.


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    Thanks! I should have added that I always test as ENFP and I believe I was a “fiery type ” ENFP or something similar, with a very high degree of extrovertism but less on assertiveness, when I did the 16 Personalities test. My husband strangely tested the same, but with an assertive slant and an almost 50:50 extroversion to introversion. It now makes sense why we always have so much fun and get each other, but he’s more self-assured and quieter.

    My parents don’t want me to be diagnosed and then change as they think that it’s what makes me me, whether it’s a personality trait or ADHD. Have you found that to be the case?

    Do you think my “symptoms” make me ADHD in your experience? I forgot to add that I got into 15k of credit card debt by the age of 21 and almost had to declare myself bankrupt. I have nothing to show for it, not even nice clothes. I bought things I didn’t need (like anti-cellulite cream despite not having it) and was always the first to order shots for friends at a bar.

    I just want to better understand my treatment choices as I have anxiety (always been a worrier but now in a very bad job), which may change if I have ADHD. Equally, I don’t want to change as most people actually seem to love my chatterbox nature and get that I am just excitable and not being rude.

    However, I want a successful career and can’t afford to mess up with bad disorganisation and my lack of attention to detail. (I do think that I just switch off though if something is not challenging and very admin focused, which could then be ENFP.)



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    Just found my results actually!

    Your personality type: “The Campaigner” (ENFP-T)

    Strength of individual traits: Extraverted: 76%, Intuitive: 35%, Feeling: 44%, Prospecting: 78%, Turbulent: 48%.
    Role: Diplomat
    Strategy: Social Engagement

    So you’re like me but more introverted looking at the types!!

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