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An ADD/ADHD support group thread.

An ADD/ADHD support group thread.2012-06-13T23:47:03+00:00

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    The Most Excellent Way

    The road of life at it’s best, this post is kinda long and rambling. I haven’t been able to post anything for about a week…

    Epiphany, realization, success?. Oh I know. How about a support group thread. We can all take turns talking about how were doing with our ADHD related problems. Now this is an original idea for a thread, huh?, get it?. Not everyone gets my sense of humor, but I sure do have fun with it. (this was the original thread title, but it got too long) Anywayz, talk about anything ya dang well please, okay? I promise not to give a rats rear what topic you choose.

    Yesterday I watched the ADD n Loving it?! documentary again. I was able to pay attention, and absorb the whole thing. I even have something like an editorial opinion about how well made the art was. Sometimes a documentary rises to the level of an art form. I’m not a critic, I’m not planning to be one. I just agree with the rest of the folks that think it’s great, I can’t wait for the sequels!. The difference between me now, and me many moons ago is really amazing to me today. Success, as defined in a thread that started out as an extremely angry vent, and became about defining success. It was very memorable, in the way only most ADHD brained folks can understand. I feel like I’m getting a real taste of success. Just not every day. I’ve also been very moody and sometimes depressed the last 2 or 3 weeks, it’s just doesn’t feel like an emergency when I have strong feelings these days.

    Last week, I also fully comprehended the title of the DVD for the first time, as I glanced at it after watching it. I have very strong dyslexia symptoms, so only today did I know for sure that the ? comes before the !. In other words, the title is a question!. Sorta dramatically spoken. JMHO. I see it as art, art is to be interpreted by the person watching it. My church let me donate a copy of it to their library!. Imagine that.

    Progress kinda sneaks up on us while we’re busy having a bad attitude sometimes. I bet only people here can fully understand what I just said. I still have problems, just problems that seem to have a better quality. More mature maybe.

    I’m being careful not to proclaim that “we” as the 1 in 25 Adults that have this thing, are apart from the rest of humanity, we’re not less than, or more than. We’re not necessarily anything at all special. Many of us, exactly like the rest of the population have unique and truly priceless qualities. Some of them are as a result of our ADHD struggle, some in spite of. And a bumch of us have been able to proclaim how fortunate we are to be blessed with this crappy clump of symptoms known as ADD/ADHD. Guess which one I think I am?, I don’t think I need to know. In fact. I don’t even care!. Yep, that’s it!, I’ve just decided, I don’t care. In fact I don’t think it matters. This is a part of success to me. Who I am in the world is less important to me also. What a relief…

    I’m growing, I feel like the one out of 4 seeds my most favorite carpenter talked about; the one that landed in good soil. I’ve landed in the best possible soil for the type of seed I happen to be. Or, I am that soil?, hmm, seed? or soil?, let’s not got there, K?. Understanding a book made out of 66 books written over about 1500 years, and then combined into one is difficult. This is not a good place to debate such a thing either.

    Today, (I wrote this part a week ago) I’ve been feeling extreme stress, fear, and well… Fearfully wondering what’s going to happen?. Because I rarely feel this level of stress unless something not good is in my near future. Or, I’m not doing something very important because of procrastination, or I just forgot… My apartment is a mess. I’ll bet that is the only thing wrong in my life that I can start to fix now, I hope making some progress cleaning will help relieve this bad nasty stress no medication I’m willing to take can help. Oh I know, I’m gonna get on the phone, call around and find someone to help me clean up this dang mess!. I started this post about a week ago, my Internet connection has been down. So it’s a long post cuz I’ve had tons of time to work on it, and add to it. I’m confident a bunch of you guys will be able to deal with it though.

    I’m betting lot’s of folks here have experience in support groups, and know all the usual guidelines and what not. But I have only one rule to suggest. No rules. Just an ADHD support group, talk about almost anything thread. Or not, whatever…

    “Only one limitation, no limitation”

    –Bruce Lee

    “there is no box”


    PS, I always read my post one last time after I post it. At least one typo always seems to sneak through. Critical ones too. Dyslexia symptoms really suck sometimes. But I’m dealing with em better than ever.



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    Your writing would not suggest that you are dyslexic! I only got as far as paragraph four, sorry! But we all know not to take that matter personally :D

    I watched half of “ADD and Loving It?!”. I was trying to scoop it out of the net for months, but couldn’t find anywhere that was showing it for free. I also can’t buy it from the UK (a bit weird…). Anyway, I managed to find it the other day…finally! Only 30 minutes of it though, ugh. Silly internet. But yes, it seems well thought out. When I was watching it, I thought about how the producers planned out the construction. They must have really considered how to design it to reach the desolately distractable souls. I did notice that the scenes jump around a lot, and not one person talks for too long. It was really easy to watch.


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    As you said Berry, the scenes jump around a lot. Your comment about it being easy to watch is true. I was thinking that it emulated how the mind and thoughts of the ADHD person jump around a lot. The difference is that the movie stays on topic when it jumps scenes. The ADHD mind jumps to a completely but thinly connected different thought.

    Easy to watch and demonstrating how the ADHD mind jumps around . . . Rick, you guys are brilliant. Wouldn’t it just scare the hell out of people to realize that when they are riding in the car with us driving that our minds are doing this the entire time and that dirving is usually the last thing to which we are paying attention. 😆


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    Hahahaha. I find that I’m 10x worse when I’m supposed to be focusing on an important task. Driving, is at the top of the list. For some reason, even though I know that I’ll put myself in danger by not paying attention, I develop the worst level of focus ever. It’s really scary :/

    I was driving out of a T-junction yesterday. I was so distracted by the fact that I was waiting for a car to pull up on the left to give way, that I forgot about cars driving from the right. Luckily, somebody else was with me in the car, and stopped me before I drove out from where I was stopped (and from colliding into another car). Sheesh. To be fair, I hadn’t driven since December. But still, it was very stupid. >.<


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    And definitely, an extreme pat on the back to the Totally ADD crew. I found the documentary really funny as well.

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