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An odd serendipitous journey . . .

An odd serendipitous journey . . .2010-12-19T06:35:17+00:00

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    I’m new to this site, but not new to ADD/ADHD. I’ve had symptoms since childhood; my family and classmates recognized it but never put a name to it. I could not talk without overtly gesturing with my hands. I could not focus on one task without starting something else and not finishing the first task. I got lost when instructed to do things. Even so, I’ve never been diagnosed but I am finally in the process of looking into that. Several years ago, I went back to school after downsized from my job due to budget cuts. But my time back in school has been anything but easy. I found myself much more distracted than I can ever recall. In order to study, I have to wear earmuffs/sound blocks, and be in an environment with no moving objects or noises or voices. I couldn’t take a test in a regular classroom because the noise from those around me distracted my attention. I couldn’t listen to lectures without my mind wandering to what other people were saying or doing around me. I was urged to this site by my college guidance counselor who was trying to help me improve my reading ability and concentration ability.

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