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    Hi All,

    I have been reading alot of information regarding stimulants (I myself take concerta). Correct me if I am wrong but I have read in many places, even in Dr. Hallowell’s book “delivered from distraction” – that there are no real studies on the long-term impacts of taking a stimulant (besides caffeine). So I suppose its a decision we as individuals need to make by ourselves, – So I was wondering if anyone knew of any psychiatrists with ADD how have been taking medication?

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    ADHD does not exclude physicians. I treat at least two medical students from the entry class at the University of ‘Toronto every year. And psychiatrists…….they are not excluded either.

    ADHD affects every social group and every race, ethnic group and population.

    There are long term studies that go into their 20+ years on meds (Weiss and Hechtman).

    But, the agenda is always to change lifestyles though the meds may be important in facilitating that change.

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