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    Peter, I don’t know where you live, but I’m moving there; our county fines everybody, kids included; they know it’s the parents who fork over the fees. :)

    Since I’m often guilty of charging out my books on their cards to avoid the 50-books-at-a-time limit (yes, really….) it’s probably fair of them to charge fines for the kids’ cards…

    And, yes, fewer books at a time is one of my new self-imposed limits!


    Do what I did- marry a librarian! OK, maybe not a practical solution for a lot of folks. My real solution is to switch almost totally to e-books. I bought a Nook Touch, which runs on Android underneath the B&N software. I rooted it (allows me to use the Android OS directly), and installed the Kindle app, plus some other handy stuff- I can still use the original software to read Nook versions, Kindle for Amazon stuff, etc. Don’t think this can be done with a Kindle, and the Nook can use a MicroSD card for more memory. I use a program called Calibre to organize and manage my e-books (I have just over 4,300, sadly I’ve read most of them)- Calibre also allows you to convert books from one format to another, such as PDF to Kindle (although PDF’s are kind of funky). Also, Amazon (maybe others) allows you to “loan” certain e-books to another person for 2 weeks, have shared a lot of good books this way.

    Anyway, there are tons of free e-books out there which are new and interesting, and many libraries are starting to loan them. Which means that when your due date comes up, and you haven’t renewed it, you just can’t read it anymore. Works kind of the same way as physical books, but without the driving. Look around for a regional/large library system near you, most allow non-residents to join for a nominal fee. We joined the NY Public Library, only bad part about them is that to use their e-books, you have to apply for and pick up your card IN NYC. After that, you can just use their website to check out e-books. My son reads a lot of series books, a nearby multi-county system has most of the “in-demand” books in several e-book formats.

    Another source is ereaderlove.com – she combs through Amazon and lists books which are free for a limited time. Usually anywhere from 30-100 a day on her list. Lots of different categories, including kids’ books and non-fiction. Worth it to spend 2 minutes scrolling through the list and it’s easy to get them once you have an Amazon account- the books are automatically delivered to my nook.

    The nook is tiny, the battery lasts a long, long time, and I like reading on the black and white screen. My wife has a tablet, which is great for certain things, but I have to read on a backlit screen all day, one of the reasons I need glasses. The nook is small enough that I can hold it with one hand and read, only beef I have with it is that the side buttons (to turn the page) only work on Nook books, so you have to tap the side of the screen to change pages in Kindle books.

    Gardener, you make a good point. Where we live now you can download books from the library onto your Ipad or Kindle or whatever and when the book is due back, it vanishes off your Ipad.

    My problem is that I’ll ‘borrow’ way too many books. Cause they all look interesting. (This is why I NEVER watch the Home Shopping Network.)

    And we also do what Plato Girl does, and stop at yard sales and charity stores.

    I love the Salvation Army store. I don’t de-clutter, I donate gifts to people who will enjoy them!


    Rick, I have a rule that I have to take at least one load of stuff to donate to Sally before I can shop in the thrift store. Actually had a 20-yard container here this summer to “de-clutter”, lol. Also donated about 5 pickup loads of clothes and housewares to a local charity. I avoid yard sales, flea markets, and auctions, unless I don’t have any money on me at all. Shocking what you can bring home for 5 bucks from a garage sale!

    I understand about borrowing too many books! But I do read really fast, and especially in the winter, I have some down time to read. I’ve been known to hyperfocus and read 5,000 pages in a few days.

    Check out ereaderlove.com, put it on a bookmark and visit every day, or like her on Facebook, I’ll usually pick up one or two books out of her daily list of freebies. Some really captivating stories, and some practical non-fiction too.


    Hi, I tried to respond to this thread a couple of weeks ago but the whole log in posting issue was p*ssing me off. But it looks like i is sorted out.

    for those you you who are not able to marry a librarian (Gardener I do think that is the best method if I can only find one) and do not have/use an e reader here is an idea. My local library in Alberta is part of the Trac system. All library’s in Alberta are linked. when travelling I can return my library book to any library in Alberta. that is not the best part, the best is i can access my library online. i can look through and select books. reserve them or send a text to my phone with the dewy decided and get it out. of course i can get books from other library’s too. this means that while I still get 10 books out, there will be one or two that I actually read. and the library will send me a text when things I order are in and when things are coming due.
    Not on the trac system but still cool is that i can request/suggest material that I cannot find anywhere in the system, like say a certain Documentary on ADD. they let me know it was in so I could watch it.

    I just buy the books I want to read or I read them at the library without taking them home. No point in taking something home that I might loose or forget to return.

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