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Anybody else here grow up with "Inflexible-Explosive Disorder"?

Anybody else here grow up with "Inflexible-Explosive Disorder"?2019-11-05T02:22:18+00:00

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    I read a book called “The Explosive Child” by Dr. Ross Greene, and it really rang a bell. As a Child I had absolutely no control over my behavior whatsoever and threw constant temper tantrums, and I hated that I couldn’t stop. I could barely go anywhere without kids yelling “Hey Mental” at me, and it was just the bane of my existence. By the time I was 12, I was promising to myself that I wouldn’t throw a tantrum in class the next day, but the next day I’d always throw another one(they did start to taper off midway through 14). But what still galls me all these years later is that my Father, a pretty good Father almost half the time, thought the answer to my problem was to scream at me, occasionally spank me, and take TV away from me for “not respecting” him(after I’d impulsively talked back to him). This was the late 60s/70s, and nobody could have told him that I just hadn’t chosen to be what I was, or that punishments wouldn’t work. He just kept taking TV away from me again and again or screaming at me, thinking I’d eventually learn to behave and to respect him. I used to give the special school I lived at for four years all the credit for my stopping the tantrums(because it was the only way I could have survived there)but I don’t anymore-by the time I started there I wasn’t throwing anywhere near as many tantrums as I’d had earlier, and I was very cooperative with staff, but I lost it because I wanted to be in an “Intelligent environment” and this place was choc-a-block with jerks who started making fun of me before I even threw any tantrums. I reacted by having a screaming fit about it. Hmm, what’s my point? Well, did anybody out there have a similar experience? Anyone else believe that delayed pre-frontal cortex development plays a part. If you had a chronic baby-tantrum problem, what age where you when you could stop?


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