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anyone know a good therapist for anxiety and adhd

anyone know a good therapist for anxiety and adhd2013-07-02T11:09:25+00:00

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    Hi everyone. I am middle aged, no kids and struggling with ADHD.. Was diagnosed about 5 years ago, but don’t have a handle on my problems yet. Does anyone know of a good therapist or psychologist who works with ADHD adults? I also struggle with anxiety. Any info would be appreciative. I’m boggled down with being disorganized, procrastination, and prioritizing my tasks, bounderies, etc. I have used an ADHD coach but I don’t like prepaying in advance. I hope to hear from someone. Thanks, Crystal


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Crystalsphinx, where are you located?

    You could use the Coach Directory (http://totallyadd.com/coaching-directory-search/) to find ADHD Coaches in your area.  You can phone and ask them to suggest local therapists/psychologists who specialize in ADHD.

    If prepayment is an issue, see if the coach is willing to let you pay as you go.  We ADDers often have financial troubles, so ADHD Coaches will be familiar with clients who can’t afford to prepay in one lump sum.  But, if you can prepay, it usually means a bit of a discount…and an incentive to keep up with your coaching sessions.  See if you can negotiate something.

    Or, you could find a recent ADDCA graduate who charges lower rates.  With most Coaches offering services by phone or Skype, it doesn’t matter if they live thousands of miles away from you!

    Anxiety & Depression are common co-morbidities with ADHD, so the therapist/psychologist will also be able to help you with your Anxiety.

    Remember, the most effective treatment for mental issues usually involves both counselling/coaching and meds.  Psychologists & Coaches cannot prescribe meds, so you will need a psychiatrist or doctor who specializes in ADHD for that.

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