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    Hello guys! I realized a few months ago that i might have adhd, my psychologist says its very likely though i dont get the final answer before friday(this week is going in slow-mo)

    Anyway im a little concerned about my weight. Im kinda underweight because im so daaaamn tall, and my eating habits are absolute garbage , i zoom into whatever project im doing and forget to eat. Now i know stimulants may decrease appetite , but can it also help you remember eating? Keeping track etc , thanks for answers!


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    Hi ettan ,im in the process of being diagnosed myself ,I realised this year something really off for many years .
    I did a questionnaire at the phycologists the other day and it was the same one I’ve seen on ADHD websites like this one.
    because my ADHD brain manifested in addictions I have to be careful with meds but I will try them.

    Depending on your age and physical activity you could be burning off more energy than your putting in ,food=fuel.
    being under weight isn’t very good for us from what I’ve read .
    set an alarm on your phone to remind you too eat and chew food really good to help digestion .ide change diet to the 80/20 rule ,80%good 20% bad .you will have to up your calories to gain weight .you could need 3000 calories a day just sitting around. The problem with garbage food is the salt and lack of nutrient dense calories .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)