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Appointment tomorrow… What to expect?

Appointment tomorrow… What to expect?2012-08-01T02:51:06+00:00

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    Hey guys, thanks for that last topic that I made- Lots of help and has made me seek out diagnosis from what I believe to have (Inattentive type)! I am 14, so adult diagnosis may be different then the younger diagnosis.

    So tomorrow, as the topic suggests, I have an appointment with I guess just the family doctor. I have no clue what will happen tomorrow and/ or what will happen if the doctor thinks I have ADHD (Psychiatrist?) and how that will be.

    What can I expect tomorrow? What questions will the doctor be asking me? Share your experience?

    I have a list of my symptoms on another topic in this category and I will show him that. I will also tell him about the test I just retook on this website (9/9 on inattentive by the way). Ironically on some questions I found myself zoning out, distracted by something on my leg, other thoughts, etc… Was kind of funny coming out that “zoned out” state in the middle of an ADHD test :P

    Also, just to note, I started typing this around 8 in the morning, got sidetracked and forgot about it, and it is now 10:50 at night. Oh the irony…

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