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    I find pocket informer for iPhone is great. It allows you to invite someone (who has the same app) to share your calendars. The app is pricey but it has been worth it for me. You can also set alarms for appointments, has task list and allows you to sync with google

    Alarmed is another iPhone application. I can use it for my med reminder, alarm clock, and a timer as well. There is a free version and and $1.99 version. The app will go as far to nag you till you turn it off.


    I just found another online one called  It’s free but there’s a pro account you can buy too for more features.  I started using Skoach again ( so I don’t use RTM as much, but I may use now since you can organize projects better.  It doesn’t look like they have apps for your smart phone though.


    Hmm, looks like you can only edit a post once?  Anyway, the URL for is:

    Phil, Just Phil.

    Hi Amy,

    I believe there is a time limit on post edits.

    Astrid Tasks & Todo List is another one I have been using lately.  If I set a todo, it reminds me by asking if I have started yet, if I mioss a call it advises me that people really like to be called back and lets me put off a reminder, do it now or ignore them.

    If you look at it he right way you can probably have a lot of fun with it.  Dont take it’s tone to heart though.

    Tripview Sydney is great for me, it links train, bus and ferry services, lets me set start and finish points, then determines the best public transport links via the timetables.  I had a bus, 2 trains and a ferry to get to the Zoo and all I did was select my bus stop and the zoo, it did all the heavy lifting.

    Oh and now I find Adobe connect is a great app, for the TADD Webinars hehe.


    Here’s another one for getting rid of paper receipts.  I’d probably use it, except my husband likes having the paper copy around.  It just makes things hard for me, but oh well.  Anyway, I’ve used it for small projects to track spending on a particular hobby and it works:

    Patte Rosebank

    I use the “Alarm Clock” and “Calendar” functions the most, to keep myself on track.  I also use the “Memo” function, mostly to track the hours I’ve worked & calculate how much I earned during each shift.

    I’ve been very strict about putting additional apps onto my Android phone.  If I don’t really need it, or won’t use it very often, or if I’m in any doubt whatsoever about its safety, I won’t put it onto my phone.  This also keeps away the clutter.

    For local transit, I use a couple of real-time transit tracking apps (“TTC Tracker” & “Transit Now Toronto”), since surface vehicles may be running late…or early, so I can’t rely on the TTC’s published schedules.

    For regional transit, I use the “GO Transit” app., for real-time information on their trains & buses.

    For mindless amusement, I use a free app. called “Fruits & Fun”.  It’s just like the highly addictive “Chuzzle”, but it uses different fruits instead of furry Chuzzles.


    When I visited England, I used some free real-time apps. for London Transport, and for British Airways.  The “British Airways” app. also let me select my seat and check in, before I even got to the airport.  And I used the “” app. to book my hotels at discount rates.

    NOTE:  To avoid huge roaming charges, I had my phone unlocked (for $20).  As soon as I got on the plane, I took out my SIM card and put it in a safe place.  After checking into my London hotel, I bought a pre-paid SIM card on the cheapest talk-text-data plan I could find.  When I got on the plane to go back, I swapped out the SIM cards.

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