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    I’v found that I hate eating around people. All that yakking interferes with the enjoyment of the food, not to mention the choking hazard. It’s really annoying, social eating. If someone gets near my food, I feel the urge to stick a fork in their hand. Also, I lived with my mother into my late 20’s. I did apartment roommates when I was 21 and 30. I was diplomatic, but I hated every minute of it. I’v lived alone for about three years now. It’s just enough living space for me. I take things for granted I never could before. I’m not walking on eggshells constantly. I clean to my level, not a pig sty, but not Martha Stewart living either. Everything is ordered the way I want it and nothing gets moved. So many benefits, save one negative(noisy area). I LOVE IT!

    I was seven years old talking to my mother:

    Me: “I don’t want to get married.”

    Her: “90% of people get married.”

    Me: “I will be the 10% who doesn’t.”

    I knew back then the family lifestyle wasn’t for me. Kids, hell no! All that noise, racket, and mess. I’m getting snipped as soon as I move(no sex till I am shooting blanks). Married, someone underfoot annoying the hell out of me daily. I’ll pass! I need my space where I can shut out the world. You have your house and I have mine. We meet in the middle. :)


    I’m not territorial with things, but I have a terrible and short temper whenever my husband suggests what i should be doing with my time/attention. In that way it’s definitely hard for me to deal with husband/toddler.


    I’m not extremely territorial. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I’m the person most likely to invade other people’s space. Then I take it over. LOL!!!

    I have kids and love being at home with them. However, I do notice that when my meds are at the point they are wearing off, I get very sensitive to the noise they make, and extremely sensitive to the invasion of my space. It passes, though. It seems to be a transitional thing. I’m learning to go someplace by myself at about the time they wear off. Only happens with the adderall XR. It doesn’t seem to happen with the quick release.

    Shadow Nexus

    Keep on topic please, territorial with personal space.

    Meds on or off, i’m territorial. Well, is anyone else like me? Post please. In need to know I’m not alone in this.


    Depends on my mood. Sometimes it is my area you enter and you must obey my rules. Other times you are okay. Normally, I have my areas and I tell no one about it, because it is my place to hide out. Once you find it I get very territorial.


    My house, my rules. Meds or no meds.


    Like a cat.

    Leave the junk on my desk ALONE.

    I loan no tools.

    (and if anyone knows cats, they ARE territorial, but can agree to “share space” under certain conditions like a multiple cat household. Couch belongs to cat A if cat A is there, but if cat A isn’t there, then cat B can sleep there.)


    Space, possessions, people…you name it. If it were socially acceptable to actually pee on things to ‘mark’ them, I’d at least try it.

    I’ve gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Growing up I lived in a an average sized house with my parents, 3 sisters and ONE BATHROOM. I adjusted accordingly. All through college, roommates. At one point, as many as five at a time. I lived with a roommate shortly after college and even though I lucked out and she was the BEST, it still drove me insane. I’ve lived alone for 6 years now…bliss.

    I can also relate to the kid thing too. I work in an office that is shared with a pediatrician’s lobby. Can I just tell you that I fear that I’m going to be the old child hating spinster because there is a certain octave to a kid’s voice that sends me out of my mind! I had to go on a road trip with my 4 year old nephew last month and it took me 2 days to ‘decompress’. Now, to be honest, he was an absolute monster the entire time, but I honestly thought “Do I hate all kids now? Is this who I am?” Now I have other nieces and nephews that I adore, and most of the time, I enjoy being around this one as well, but I find I’m less ‘tolerant’ of misbehavior from the little ones. Everyone tells me that it’s ‘different’ when they’re yours, but I don’t have any, don’t see ’em in the near future and don’t know that it’s even true.

    I have even been known to get ‘weird’ around friends. If I introduce two people to each other and they begin to forge a friendship and do things without me, I get insulted. I’ve worked on this a lot as I understand that I don’t have to be everyone’s ONLY friend, but I have this fear of being ‘left behind’ so I would find myself seething when I heard that people got together and didn’t include me.

    Listing all of these things makes me feel like I should be alone in a cabin somewhere writing a manifesto on a manual typewriter….Yikes!

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