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As hard as I try I'm still failing this stupid English course!

As hard as I try I'm still failing this stupid English course!2014-12-11T22:12:57+00:00

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    I hate writing essays and reading stupid stories for my English course and I’ve been failing that course for the 3rd time this semester!!!!!!

    Each time we have to read 8 different long stories about shit that don’t matter and then we need to analyse them and then write essays about them any kind you can think of! and every semester I manage to do read 6 of those stories and do the essays as well but because i miss 2 i cant pass it and my professors don’t understand they give me “extra time” BUT ITS ONLY A DAY EXTRA!!! how the hell am I going to do this?

    I feel like they should give me an A for finishing 6 long stupid stories which aren’t even in a book just copies of pages that look stupid too and each story is about 8 to 10 pages.

    I don’t understand why I have to pass this course, it’s like they are testing my patience to see when I’m finally going to burn that department to the ground!

    Last semester I spent 2 weeks on an essay and it was perfect. handed it in and my professor said that i didn’t write it, like WTH! then I gave him my progress and explained to him how I did it, after going to his office like 10 times to get it solved he told me well doesn’t matter really because you submitted it late you wont get graded for it!
    I was going to write an appeal but I was so mad I forgot!

    I don’t think I can take this course again! I rather die before I have to deal with one more story about a necrophiliac woman that died! (aka a rose for Emily)
    All my other grades are B and A but this one has been killing me.

    Any one else has ever struggled with this situation and if yes what have you done?

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