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Assistant, Coach, or Both?

Assistant, Coach, or Both?2011-01-27T09:35:30+00:00

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    Ranger Tim
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    I have been diagnosed and treated for hyperactivity/ADHD since 1975. My last batch of doctors said, “We’re surprised you’ve gotten this far….!” What they meant after I blinked a few times was they were surprised I managed to subsist as I have without major help or guidance with my ADHD. I have been on and off meds since 1975 and the parts of my life without, needless to say, were much harder. They said folks with my severity of ADHD usually have a personal assistant or a spouse to help them.

    What are the pros and cons of a Coach and a Personal Assistant?

    (I probably need both as my ADHD seems to be getting worse with time and high stress situations, such as my last stint at college ’03 – ’07. Having a friend assist me the last two and a half years, plus therapy and medication, helped me to finally graduate.)

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