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AUGH! Stimulation overload

AUGH! Stimulation overload2012-08-21T16:14:35+00:00

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    I’ve got two young kids, so a lot of times, I’m put in situations that are mega stimulation overload for me. Jump houses, shopping malls, birthday parties, etc. All of these involve screaming kids (usually my 3 yo) and lots and lots of noise and running around.

    OK, I just wanted to vent! Anyone else really struggle with stimulation overload? I can’t stand it!




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    I don’t have kids, but this post makes me think:

    If I had kids, I’d move me and those suckers so far out in the country that the nearest mall, other house, or birthday party would be too far for anybody to even consider. I’d have my own little island of peace, and cows. Let the kids go run out in the field to entertain themselves.

    Don’t fall in the river. Take a salt tablet.

    And done.

    Only thing is, I wouldn’t be able to call out for pizza delivery for dinner.



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    YES! My boyfriend says he can watch my face when we enter a crowded or very active place and see my eyes glaze over when I hit overload. When I get like that, no one can even speak to me because it puts me over the top and I FREAK…It feels like being I’m being attacked!

    It doesn’t even have to be a really crowded or noisy place – just too much information coming in. Even at the grocery store…standing in front of the maple syrup shelves trying to see them all at the same time…It definitely feels like my processor can’t keep up with all the data coming through the RAM!

    Why, oh why can’t we just upgrade our processors? I’d like an Intel Core i7-3960X, please!

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