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Avoid Procrastination: Do Nothing At All!!

Avoid Procrastination: Do Nothing At All!!2013-04-28T19:04:47+00:00

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    Beat procrastination by resolving to do nothing at all if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s the novel strategy outlined in this article:
    (I see the word “today” appears in the URL. I hope it doesn’t go dark tomorrow!)


    allan wallace
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    Doing nothing is what I do best!


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    I think it’s called meditation. Way back when I was interested in reading the stuff people like the Dali Lama had to say. I used to also read a lot about TM. Tricky meditation. Actually it was transcendental… and I did indeed transcend (a : to rise above or go beyond the limits of. b : to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of : overcome.) many of the distasteful aspects of my particular ADHD madnesses. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with a struggle or two.

    Mainly it’s keeping my body in shape because I’ve been taking up some of the goals on my lil bucket list that I made almost two years ago. Just found it on Sat. Heck you guys, I forgot about most of them.

    This is why we write so much down. Writing things down has become one of my key habits. When I meditation I even sometimes keep a note pad handy. In the same way that we keep a note pad handy when listening to another person. It’s a good idea to keep on handy when meditating. That’s because I’m listening to one heck of an obnoxious chatterbox when I meditate.

    Works for me you guys.

    Sorry if I kinda high-jacked your thread, it looks like a good article. And now that I actually went back are did read it… I have to say that I agree with it. In fact, doing nothing is what I have found out that I can do really well too Mr. Wallace. Thanks for sharing. It would be fun to see what you’ve got to say if you decided to elaborate on the “fine are of doing nothing” Sound like fun? 

    The truth is that I just get a kick out of your writing style. That’s all.



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    I find a lot of doing nothing becomes an every day thing. Until the motivation of fear or change gets involved. Then I try to get ten things done in one day.

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