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Been out of work for a year now…

Been out of work for a year now…2010-12-15T02:43:01+00:00

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    I’ve been out of work for a year now, from probably the worst, most boring job I’ve ever had – and believe me, I’ve had plenty of jobs to know! All I’ve done this past year is stay at home, and I’ve hardly made an effort to find another job, out of fear that I’ll land another boring job and fail once again. I’ve gained a bit of weight in the past year, and my motivation is very low, especially with exercising, which I simply don’t feel like doing. The one saving grace I’ve had this past year is music. I’ve played guitar since 1972, and several years ago I took up the bass guitar. Last march I joined a band playing original music and I’ve been loving it! To make a long story short, we’re hoping to make it big someday and i’m hoping and praying that I’ll be able to make music my long sought-after career. I may have to take a job in the meantime, but hopefully it’ll only be temporary, and my music career will take off. I think it’s a great fit for my ADD, since the music is always different, and I enjoy interacting with the audience. I really feel that I never ever want to work at a boring job again. And I won’t if I can help it.


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    I know the feeling have been out of work for two years mostly due to being older than my younger co-workers. Trying to get a good reference is even harder . Staying positive is tough keeping busy with woodworking as a hobby, my love of the bass guitar goes back to when I was 5yrs. old something that I struggle with since the early 70’s but music is the best escape it soothes the sole. Don’t give in .


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    I know how you feel. I have been on disability since aug 2011. I spend to much time being ashamed I can’t hold a job, so now I hide in my basement!!!


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    I remarkably managed to hold my last job for 6 years, though really it was only 5 because I only worked 2-3 days a week for the last year. I was very proud of my accomplishment right up until the day I got fired.

    I am now planning to apply for disability. I am going to take a lot of flack for it but it’s something I have to do. I need time to get my life sorted out and make some sense of the chaos. And then try to find a job that is more suitable. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

    @trashman, get out of the basement and get some sun. I promise, you’ll feel better.

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