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    Anybody else?  I started taking 10 mg twice a day along with 30 mg of adderall twice a day to try and dull down my anxiety, which wasn’t caused by the adderall but definitely exasperated by it.

    I liked it at first.  I think I like it.  I tried Wellbutrin before, and hated it.  Increased my anxiety (and in turn my depression) for a couple weeks before my body got used to it, and then I ceased feeling anything at all.  This is my first foray back into meds, aside from adderall.

    Doesn’t make me drowsy like that.  I’m still productive with my adderall, just less racy.

    But my period is eight days late, and three pregnancy tests since December have all come out negative.  I have to pee like a pregnant woman, or at least, I’m told this is what pregnant women pee like.  It’s incessant   It woke me up last night.  To pee.  Like I was an eight year old, or something.  I also haven’t slept in two days, now.  I’m going to try to sleep in a second, but I was just curious.  Has anyone else been prescribed this drug before, and if so how your mind and body react to it?  All are welcome to respond, but I’d love to know if any other women have missed periods so I don’t have to make that awkward call to my boyfriend that I think I might maybe sorta be pregnant.


    Patte Rosebank
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    Please talk to your pharmacist about this, ASAP.

    At least 2 of your issues need to be checked immediately:  insomnia and increased urination.


    Insomnia is a common side effect of Buspirone.  Staying awake for 48 hours at a stretch is extremely dangerous.

    Erratic sleep/wake schedules really mess up your circadian rhythm (the day-to-day cycles your various organs & systems follow).

    If your circadian rhythm are messed up, it will definitely affect your menstrual cycle, too.

    Were your sleep/wake cycles fairly regular before you started taking Buspirone?


    As for the possibility of your being pregnant, increased urination doesn’t start until 6-8 weeks after conception.  So, it’s way too early for that to be the reason.

    Don’t mention anything about pregnancy to anyone (including the boyfriend), unless it’s been confirmed by your doctor.

    And, to prevent life-altering “surprises”, always use birth control or celibacy unless you & your partner are actively trying to have a baby.  A baby is the biggest responsibility you’ll ever have.  Don’t take it on unless you & your partner are both ready for it.


    Buspirone can cause or aggravate liver & kidney problems.  Your increased urination may be a sign of these.

    It is very dangerous to consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice, or to drink alcohol, when you’re on  Buspirone.   If you are doing any of these things, your increased urination could be your body’s way of trying to get rid of the toxins.

    Even some vitamins, cold remedies, and herbal products can cause serious interactions.

    Talk to your pharmacist about this.


    You really need to sit down and list all of the effects of your meds.  Make one column for the good, and one for the bad.

    Then, compare the two columns, to see whether the good outweighs the bad.  If it doesn’t, then you and your doctor will need to either change the med(s) or adjust the dose(s).

    Do NOT attempt to change/stop anything, unless your doctor or pharmacist tells you to.


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    @Larynxa  Ok so: 1.)  I think my sleep cycle is pretty much back to normal.  I’ve never had the greatest sleep cycle to begin with, though.  I’m usually up late, and consequently up the next day a little late, but that’s always been that way.  I’ve always had issues turning my brain off and going to sleep unless I was absolutely dog tired.  Now, I’m maybe one month into taking it regularly, and I’ll be asleep by like 3 and up by 11 or 12, which is regular for me.


    2.)  Yay not pregnant 🙂  False alarm.  My period came a couple days ago.  Could have been stress.  Could have been related to my meds.  Regardless, it’s here now, and everybody’s happy.

    3.)  I have to pee less frequently now, but I’ll probably still talk to my Dr. about everything I’ve been feeling, just to check in.  I honestly think so of this might have been anxiety induced by my own mind, and because I was dwelling, everything appeared to be worse than it was.

    Thanks for all the help 🙂 I’m feeling better.  I had my first day of school today, I just started a new job as a hostess, and I’m feeling all right about it all.  Most immediately, I’m feeling a bit restless, but I always kind of do anyway.  I wish I had some friends around, but I’m pretty isolated in my environment right now, and that’s something I think I’ll have to combat myself by just… doing.  Writing, reading, painting, laundry, all that.

    I’d still love to hear from anyone else that might have some experience with this drug though 🙂

    Thanks again!

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