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But I can focus on some things?

But I can focus on some things?2010-12-13T07:03:44+00:00

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    I have thought for some time that I have ADD. I think it will be a relief to me if I do in fact have ADD. When I’ve considered this is in the past others would point out that I can in fact focus on some things. I love to cook and to travel and can spend focused time on those activities “So how could I have ADD?” Also I never got in trouble as a kid and I’m not super hyper, though I’m not on to stand still much. Any comments on the ability to focus, not necessarily hyper-focus on things I enjoy but still able to live largely unfocused, and undirected…?

    Others’ comments on avoiding making phone calls, avoidance, sensitivity to noise, exercise and natural beauty having a calming affect all really resonate with me and give me hope.


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