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Calling women with ADHD who are mothers

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    Hi Ladies,
    I am collating together the stories and experiences of what it’s like being a woman with ADHD in a parenting role – would like to raise awareness of this important issue by publishing a paper …if you would like to take part please email me at l.macdonald14@rgu.ac.uk You can read more about the project below:

    Many thanks,

    Participant Information Sheet

    Sources of stress and negative affect for women with ADHD in the parenting role

    Living with ADHD in today’s society can have an impact on mental wellbeing and the nature of this can be hidden to the outside world. This study seeks the life experiences and perspectives of women living with ADHD who also have children, aiming to understand some of the everyday situations that cause stress or feelings of negative emotion for women in a parenting role. Little research has explored the experiences of adult women with ADHD, having traditionally concentrated on children, particularly boys. This study aims to give voice to such women and aims to increase our understanding of the nature and potential consequences of ADHD in women.

    Who can take part?

    We are interested to hear from women over the age of 18 yrs who have had at least one child at some time in their life (you can be an adoptive, foster or birth parent and the child does not have to currently live with you)

    What’s involved?

    The study involves taking part in an online interview with myself (e.g. via skype, Facebook or google hangouts). This can be carried out through instant messaging mediums (e.g. Skype/ Facebook instant messenger) or a video/audio version if you prefer. You will be sent a copy of the questions in advance, but please note this is more a discussion than a strict answering of questions and you are also free to discuss aspects of your experience that you feel are relevant. The aim is to understand the everyday situations that cause (or caused) you stress and feelings of negative emotions (e.g. guilt, feelings of failure, anger etc), and to understand why these situations are/were stressful for you. The interview will last approximately 45mins-1 hour, but if you wish to continue for longer (or reconvene at a later date) this will be possible.

    What will happen to my data?

    The interviews will be transcribed by myself and recorded on a password protected document and made available to no one but myself and the research supervisor. The data will be kept for a 2-year period and then securely disposed. Your name and contact details will not be recorded next to your interview transcription. The researcher will look for patterns across all participants of life experiences relevant to women with ADHD. The project will be written up as a dissertation for a MSc in Applied Psychology 2018, and my goal is to also publish findings from this project in a relevant academic journal. During the writeup of this project some quotations from participants may be used, but these will be kept fully anonymous. Please note that if you decide to take part you have the right to withdraw this decision at any point without giving reason. You may also request that your data is deleted up until 30/07/2018 after which the data analysis and writeup will have commenced.

    Who has reviewed this study?

    The study has been reviewed and approved by the School of Applied Social Studies Ethical review panel at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

    If you are interested in taking part in this study feel free to email me at 1710841@rgu.ac.uk to make arrangements or to ask any further questions. If you agree to take part, you will be sent a consent form and we will arrange a time that suits you for your interview. I have also included the contact details for the research supervisor below.

    Many thanks for your interest,

    Dr. Lydia MacDonald

    Researcher: Lydia MacDonald (l.macdonald14@rgu.ac.uk)

    Research Supervisor: Katrina Forbes-McKay (k.e.forbes-mckay@rgu.ac.uk;)

    Read more: http://aadduk.proboards.com/thread/11663/calling-women-adhd-who-mothers#ixzz5IrXbfRJR

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