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Cannot get adderall or any other stimulant for Adhd (Past Drug Use).

Cannot get adderall or any other stimulant for Adhd (Past Drug Use).2019-01-26T03:53:47+00:00

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    So I had issues with meth before but I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. I never ever did well in school except for when I was on ritalin and I did well yes but I felt like zombie and hated taking pills. I was taken off by choice and felt normal again but continued to fail and suffer the effects of having ADHD. I had trouble concentrating at work as well causing me issues holding jobs all my life. I then sought help for my manic depression with adhd symptoms and got a script for Adderal. Everything changed after that. I could study for hours for the first time of my life. I was hyper motivated, upeat, and could hold focus on the task at hand. The only downside was that towards the end of the day 4-5pmish my body would start feelling a bit low. But it wasn’t bad. Also I was smoking marijuana which my doctor knew about it but he didn’t really care only cautioning that marijuana would hinder the effects of the Adderal. I then was going through a horrific time in life and I guess I starting using meth because I was “bored”. At the time I wasn’t misusing using any of my script and to be brutally honest didn’t even know that you could abuse the drug. Anyways I started doing meth and got so high I ended up going to jail for a day for being under the influence of a illicit substance in public.(probably the best thing that could have happened to me because…) I ended up in rehab. I did the rehab and got out of legal trouble ( paid big fines and rehab, 1800 dollars) and slowly started progressing in life. I’m currently enrolled at my local community college and I’ve worked jobs on and off, and currently on a cocktail of 3 ssri’s to manage my manic depression/adhd. The problem is wellbutrin sucks compared to a traditional stimulant. Don’t get me wrong it works but at only 40 percent compared to a small dosage of aderall. Caffeine completely negates the therapeutic affects for my adhd for example and I love freaking coffee. Also i’ve been increased to 300mgs of Wellbutrin and while it does help with my mood and energy it is currently causing problems with seizures mainly when i’m playing a certain type of video game. My brain is over stimulated and i’m also dealing with life stressors on a daily basis. My Psych doc doesn’t deal with narcotics what should I do? Am I screwed for the rest of my life and stuck with non stimulant adhd meds?

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    I can relate. I was not abusing my stimulant which worked very well for me, but i abused pain pills which evidently was enough to take me off my vyvanse when they urine tested me.I self medicate with caffeine myself. I am hooked on monster energy drinks. I can’t even get a nonstimulant medicine. it’s awful. I was better when I was on my vyvanse and now I am struggling. I don’t use narcotics anymore and I’m working so hard to get my meds back. I understand your frustration. You are definitely not alone

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