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    I’m a 26 year old male who went to college and got a degree in occupational safety and health management. Ever since I got out of college my life has been a struggle and always been on my mind about “what career fits me best”. in the course of 7 years of different jobs in order I was at first a manufacturing plant laborer(hometown), packing shed line worker (hometown), cashier (hometown), compliance officer intern (hometown), construction safety officer (Los Angeles), sales associate(Boise), law firm receptionist(Boise), safety professional (home Town), pub/brewery pizza cook/beer server(hometown), and currently behavioral health therapist (hometown) for kids.

    I have done some job shadowing for x-ray tech, scrub tech, and emergency substitute (teaching), I applied to some jobs such as a wellness coach and car rental management trainee but turned them down since it involved sales and pressuring others, the wellness coach involved meeting random people (part of my interview was meeting one person in the gym to get info about them, felt very uncomfortable picking one person and going to them) and convince them to go to fitness events and or get on a program. Im more comfortable having others come to me for advice. I’ve even been considering joining the Air Force as an officer, or enlisted if officer doesn’t work out. Its almost a last resort and feel like I will learn more, make more friends, meet a potential wife, travel more (stuck in a 30,000 population close minded high school hometown). Also, I missed college because of the structure and plan for 3 years I go to these classes, I have the weekends to party, I can make friends, ect.

    I know being a safety and health professional is an excellent job to some but not for me, I get bored doing routine walks, the data entry for the committee meetings, taking many pictures and labeling them, recording air quality data in 30 different locations, making lots of mistakes on documentation and emails, even scanning documentation, missing a section ,ect. I left that job because I felt I didn’t have a passion for safety and became working for the weekend after the first 2 or 3 weeks, the first week I was on fire, wanting to learn all I can, inspect all the levels of detail, fire extinguishers, the pipes on every wall, every nook and cranny, but that soon got mundane and ive focused more on the people rather than the environment (or bigger details). My boss always told me to slow down in my tasks and I overthink (almost every employer has told me I overthink).

    Im not going to list the aspects of every job I had but I will list my last two. I liked training employees (conveying information, compliance? (eh), being upfront) as a safety professional. As a behavioral technician I enjoy the kids when they act neurotypical (usually when playing with certain kids) basically when I feel the vibe we have together, which is rare, doing fun things together and us both having fun, its difficult to record data and play with the kids (more like do lessons possible confrontation?) hard to track every click when u have to have 300 clicks in 4 hour for like 20-30 different lessons and contriving situations for some of the lessons. I also dislike and feel very uncomfortable when unexpected violent behaviors of older adult clients happen to other therapist knowing I have the same client.

    I tried all medications such as Adderall, concerta. Adderall causes me to be even more social and seek it and amp’d like preworkout, concerta just makes me fogged.


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    Excellent information on your blog.

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