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    hi everone I was just wondering if any one else on concerta has any of these problems. I have been on 72 mg for over six weeks,I find that my concentration still is poor . My mind still goes all over the place when I want to focus . I still plan big in my head but then have trouble getting stared , and staying on task. I know I have reading ,writing and spelling problems. I was hoping to beable to take a book and start to read it without getting lost , tiered or foget what I read and always starting over. Has anyone else had this or am I hoping to much from these meds. After a six hour day my focus is gone for the day the little I have. Help.


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    There could be many reasons for your difficulties: a) maybe you are hard wired differently as we often see in individuals with some sort of brain injury or insult (prematurity, mother smoking during pregnancy or using other drugs etc) b) maybe you have a primary reading disorder or other learning disability (can’t make a blind man see for example) c) you are putting too much pressure on yourself and being conscious of your reading (like telling someone not to worry but telling them makes it worse).


    Check out if you have a primary learning disability

    Check with your doctor

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)