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Child Psychiatrist for an Adult

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    Hi, I just started seeing a therapist and it looks like I have ADHD without the H. My question is triple fold.

    The therapist told the secretary to schedule me for a full psychological evaluation, what is it and what happens during it?

    Second, I looked up the psychiatrist I’m going to see at the end of the month and I saw that he specializes in child psychiatry though he sees adults. I’m 31…should I be nervous?

    Third, I have an add related problem. I have a tendency to leave important papers lying places since in my line of work people tend to hand me things when they see outside the office. One of my coworkers found it near the fridge at work and “talked” to me about. N E tips would be very welcome.

    Thanks for reading. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who zones out at any given moment.


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Pinkskycloud, don’t worry about the psychiatrist specializing in children, but also seeing adults.  That happens a lot, because until fairly recently, ADHD was considered a children’s disorder, that you grow out of as you grow up.

    We now know that that’s not the case.

    Unfortunately, there’s a desperate shortage of specialists who have kept up-to-date with the latest information on ADHD…especially on Adult ADHD.

    Most people still think of it as a children’s disorder, so most of the patients you’ll see at an ADHD specialist’s office, are children.  Also, many adults are reluctant to get a diagnosis.


    As for the tests, they take several hours, and there’s a variety of them:  multiple-choice, creative interpretation, physical tasks, and (perhaps most importantly) a thorough probing of your life history, going back to your childhood.  It can be quite fascinating!

    For a taste of what to expect, you can try the Virtual Doctor, and a couple of “official” self-assessment tests, here:  http://totallyadd.com/tools .


    As for your problem with the papers, maybe it would help if you always put them into the same place, and if that “place” went everywhere with you.

    What if you were to wear a lightweight satchel with a shoulder-strap—hands-free, so you can’t put it down and forget it?

    Whenever someone gives you a document, you can immediately put it into the satchel.  Since the satchel goes everywhere with you, so do the documents.

    What do you think?


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    Thanks Larynxa. Great Advice about the satchel. I’ve been looking at the different types to find one that’s slim enough to do the job.

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