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    Hi – first time visiting the parenting forum so hoping I can reach out and ask some advice. I’m a single Mum of a 21 (soon to be 22) yr old who is really struggling. My dependent son (living at home) has Tourette’s Syndrom with ADHD and OCD as co-morbids. Its the ADHD that he struggles with so much. He was diagnosed at age 10 so its not new for us, but as he grew into adulthood the consisiquences of the struggles became more “real life” focused. My son struggles to find employment, only has a small group of friends, spends much time alone or playing video games, and has alwasy been very focused on a single interest which he talks about to anyone and everyone, even long past when they have tuned out. I fear now that he doesnt see a future for himself and is becoming depressed. His mood swings and anger is the hardest thing to deal with. He seems at his happiest when he has routine and structure, but recently lost a PT job after only 5 months, struggling terriably now to find new employment. He’s a really smart guy, very awkward however and society just doesn’t seem to accept young men who are “different”.

    I’m really at a loss as to how to help him anymore. The family Dr and the medical system seem to be offering little to no help, even these folks are fluffing him off. He’s never had the opportunity to do CBT and I just can’t afford private counselling for him. There seems to be very few resources that we can find, and the standard workplace EAP is just not equipped to help him. All I hope for is to see him start his life off in the right foot and get some help at functioning as an adult. I really worry that he will never find his independence as an adult and will be dependent on me, and eventually on the system, for the rest of his life.

    Does anyone know of any resources in the Hamilton area that are within the public system, or reasonable cost private pay counsellors. I fear if I dont get him help now it will be too late and he future will be sealed. Thanks in advance.

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