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    There is this new “treatment” for ADHD and other disorders like it called CogMed. It’s based on new research that the working memory is not a fixed part of the brain, that it’s functioning can be improved. It tailors to adults and children, and I believe you can get the treatment partially covered if you have extended health care. I will post the site here: http://www.cogmed.com

    I am going to do the training, the research looks pretty solid and the pyschologist I am going to is extremely reputable. He believes it works, and has used it to the benefit of many other patients. It would be great if people would look at the site and decide if this is a good option for them, I love that I can post this information for people somewhere so that they may benefit from it.



    Patte Rosebank
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    Oh, dear…

    Here we go again…


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    Is anyone using Cogmed now? Been a while since the last post here, but we are just starting it.

    I am also very interested in anyone who has had success getting Cogmed into a school system, so that it becomes free for students in need. Overcoming budget restriction arguments is a big one — Cogmed is apparently down to about $80/student cost to the District if they buy a bulk permit.

    Otherwise, locally here we can get Cogmed through our neuropsych for $500 now.

    Lumosity and other consumer sites may not be geared to the same working memory targets as Cogmed. I don’t know. but the issue with Lumosity-type sites are whether the gains there are generalized to memory across longer time frames, whereas Cogmed is geared to shorter memory in reading and math.

    thanks for any response

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