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College is my job and I suck at it. Why?

College is my job and I suck at it. Why?2011-03-16T22:54:01+00:00

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    I know what you are going through. Here is what I did.

    1) Called the disability center, after hitting rock bottom. They wanted documented proof of disability.

    2) Had documentation. Met the director of the disability center. We talked about what I needed. The director wrote letters to give to professors. I got extend time, alternate testing area, extensions on homework, and they read papers, even hand tutors on call.

    3) Talking to the professors and showing the letters was hard. Lucky, they were very nice about meeting me and most of them were cool with the accommodations. I did have a lab tests that I had to take at the science lab.

    4) Get an assignment notepad, which is really a planner. Write down what needs to be down and when. Figure out time limits and what if you cannot get the work done in time. It is a good idea to have somewhere written in the assignment notepad your professors information on contacting them. Trust me, I did this many times.

    5) Note taker was also available but taking notes helped me focus in class.

    To think that I finished high school and want on to college with no accommodations for a year. It is mind boggling. Oh, how did I survive that first year of college is beyond me

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