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Concerta and Irritability

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    Hi all,

    Need your advice on something.
    I have been taking Concerta on and off for a few years now. The reason I keep stopping is because I find that I can get highly irritable on it after a few weeks. This really kicks in at the end of the day. I tried reducing the dose but that just meant that I wasnt getting the impact that i needed.
    Truthfully, my sister is also on Concerta and has become very difficult to deal with since she started taking it. Seeing how she now is makes me driven to avoid becoming like that so I am thinking of changing medication.
    I and was wondering whether anyone had some advice or a similar experience?
    While the benefits of Concerta are great (and I do believe I need it) if the constant side effect is this irritability (that no one understands. and i fail to do sometimes myself) then I will probably just stop taking in all together.
    Difficult to know what to do so any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.




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    Hi! I was on and off concerta for years as well. I felt it never helped me at all, which is why I was always on and off with it. Im a hothead to begin with (yay adhd), so I thought the concerta was suppose to help me. Instead I felt angry, would fly off the handle at the littlest things (even more so than usual), and I was never able to focus. My doctor asked me how concerta was working for me and I just told her flat out it wasn’t working, nothing was improving, I was still struggling, and I just wanted to feel like a normal human. She put me on adderall. Within a few days I noticed a huge difference and so did everyone around me. I was finally able to focus on simple everyday task and actually felt like I had control of my emotions for once in my life! I know adderall isn’t for everyone, but it worked for me!

    I hope this helps! I know how frustrating it is!


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    I’ve been using Concerta for 5 years.
    It’s slow release for about 8 hours.
    When it wears off around 5 pm I take 2 X 10mg which last 4 hours.
    We’ve nicknamed it my “Topper-Upper”
    That way my family enjoys the evening with me.
    Some everyone else is more reasonable when I take my meds.

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