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Concerta balancing with Klonopin

Concerta balancing with Klonopin2012-05-13T03:56:19+00:00

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    I love the postive effects of the Concerta – many good results along with lifestyle changes I have been making.

    When I went into the psychiatrist for the meds, and then started with an ADD coach, they both diagnosed me with co-occuring PTSD.

    So… the meds I am on for the PTSD symptoms seem to reduce (but not eliminate) the good effects of the Concerta, although I don’t believe the Concerta adds to the anxiety because it actually calms me down – even makes me sleepy.

    Just wondering if I am totally unusual in this situation… wondering if anyone found the right “cocktail” for such a situation…

    It may be a matter of patience to go through therapy and get off the Klonopin, but I thought I’d run it by you guys.

    Thanks and well wishes :)


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