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Concerta makes me crabby!!!

Concerta makes me crabby!!!2013-10-09T21:36:12+00:00

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    Is that a possible side effect??

    Or maybe the normal people are just annoying me which results in my crabbiness….

    I cut Concerta right out due to my new bp issues….which is still high…152/102 earlier tonight….I saw my doctor as my daughter had an appointment but she told me to book an appointment for myself as she did not have time to see me in the same appointment (what???)  so I have to wait 4 weeks to see her about my bp issue….I will keep my next comment on the issue to myself…lol

    Anyway…now that I know Concerta is not raising my bp I started taking it again but in a lower dose…and I have noticed I’m not nearly as crabby….

    Interesting observations….




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    Thoughts? Of course. I always have thoughts. Lots and lots of thoughts…

    As I have said, I don’t have any experience with Concerta, but I would say it is possible that it may cause increased crabbiness. Actually, almost anything is possible, since everyone reacts differently.

    It depends on your heath and circumstances too. Like you said, it could just be that people are annoying you. Hormones have a huge influence on crabbiness levels as well. So does stress, sleep, diet, exercise…. The fact that you have started having blood pressure issues, and it is not related to the Concerta, indicates that something is going on with your health and that could be making you feel crabby too.

    As for that doctor….I am quite sure she couldn’t have been that busy. But if you are really concerned about your BP call and make them get you in sooner. In the meantime, be careful and take care of yourself.


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    I’d agree. I found Concerta (and Ritalin – they’re both Methylphenidate) improved impulse control but also made me feel more “edgy”.
    Try B12 if your levels are below 350pmol/L. I was low (~200pmol/L) and found a big improvement from B12 shots followed by supplements.

    Changing my environment & routines was also a big improvement. For example if your kids interrupt you when you try to relax with a good book, wait till they’re asleep in bed to do your reading. Changing what you can is a lot easier than trying to make the people around you change.
    My 1st wife was a drama queen who rarely responded to logic. Wife 2.0 is easy going and doesn’t criticize me for talking fast, interrupting people, and laughing out loud in public.


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    I felt I was crabbier and more emotional on Concerta than when I changed to Vyvanse, but in hindsight maybe my dose was just too high. I say this because when I was trying to adjust my Vyvanse dose to see if 70 would be better than 60, I discovered that 70mg definitely made me more agitated than 60. So I went back to 60, which seems to be my optimal dose.
    Maybe all adhd meds have this effect when it’s not the optimal dose for you?


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Yeah, dosage is a huge issue. Unlike with some medications it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small. It’s not about body mass. It’s about sensitivity of receptors. (A doctor explained it to me during an interview but I can’t remember the details.)

    The key message was, start low, and work up the dosage until you reach a level that works for you.

    And it helps to have people who know you and can be trusted to give you feedback. Even if they don’t know you’re ADHD or using a dopamine booster. (I hate the term medication.) Just ask if they’ve noticed any differences in you. Maybe even ask about areas where you’re hoping things improve.


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    Absolutely, dosage is key to all individuals, AND, the time of day taken if dealing with a slow-release med such as Concerta. If I take mine too late in the morning, sleep is affected. So like others, I aim for 6 to 7 am latest…

    I was lucky, my GP prescribed the lowest dose (17 mg if memory serves – and as you know, it does not always SERVE!) and she advised that if it helped but only somewhat to go ahead and double the dose to see if that was better – for me it was too much, so…I went to the next level 25 mg and have stayed there ever since – approximately 2 years, I think…

    time is fleeting, isn’t it?!

    Back to it!


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