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Concerta Not Working Anymore

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    My son was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 9.  We, like most others I’m sure experimented with many tactics and strategies including medication.  After a few trials, Concerta turned out to be the best fit for him.  He has always excelled academically.  Straight A’s all through the gifted program at both his elementary and middle school.  He’s now 15 and in 10th grade.  He is in the International Baccalaureate program at our local high school.  He has grown rather quickly over the past 2 years from 5’4″ to 5’10” and still going (I am 6’4″).  For the first time ever, he is struggling mightily in school (C’s, D’s & F’s).  We’ve tried what seems like everything to help him, but he forgets to turn in assignments, resists studying because he’s “never had to do it before” and “just can’t figure out how to get started” on any task.  We’ve had multiple conferences with his teachers and they have been fantastic.  Accommodations have been made but still no serious change.  We know the ADDers issues with perceived motivation and effort, and try not to judge, but we’re at a loss for a solution to help him get back on track and reach the potential that has been so obvious previously.  His dosage of Concerta is 54mg and we are afraid to take it higher.  We tried Vyvanse, but that was not the solution.  He only weighs about 115 pounds and the medication already affects his appetite.  Looking for some advise ASAP!

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