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Concerta vs Biphentin Adult ADD

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    Hello everyone 

    I’m new to this site and also new to ADD sort of. I’ll explain. I’m a 32 year old man and was diagnosed with ADD as a child. Since then however I’ve ignored my diagnoses the best I could and just developed incredible coping strategies.

    Anyways, about 5 months ago I had enough of kidding myself that ADD is just a label I was given to explain my negative personality traits. So I met with my doc who has helped a lot in the last few years. As of July 7 I’ve been clean of my viscious opiate addiction that I had for 5-6 years.

    I’m just realizing ita difficult to edit my typing and I can’t seem to move my cursor back. Lol. I’ll just say this, I will introduce myself and tell my story in my profile if there’s room. Basic info for the purposes of this post is I liked opiates because they slowed my thoughts down to a point where my anxiety was manageable.

    Anyways again lol, since starting back up on medication, methylphenidate, I’ve never felt better both physically or mentally. 

    i was started on Concerta 36 migs and these worked great for about a week. Then I started to notice a very strange effect. It seemed the meds would work great for an hour or so and then it would wear off for say half hour then work again. These “waves” continued all day. Not sure if it was the contrast between the meds working and then not working, but the difference was unbearable literally.

    I explained to my doc and we adjusted the dose and times to no avail. So he Rx’d Biphentin to see if that would work any better.

    Since starting the Biphentin things are incredible. There’s no noticeable physical effects yet at the same time I find I’m able to focus like a laser and honestly never drift off into Lala Land. Lol.

    As I said I’m a 32 year old man and this is just my experience. I wanted to post my experience because I’ve found it hard to find decent comparisons between these two meds in adults.

    My addiction has turned me into an incredibly open person. I’m not ashamed of my addiction or my depression or anxiety. If ANYONE out there feels the need to ask anything, feel free to message me ok. I’m open and honest about my issues because I’ve found if you own your negatives and don’t hide them they can never be used against you. Also I’ve helped numerous friends and strangers because I’ve talked openly and honestly about addiction and ADD and anxiety.

    I hope this wasn’t too long.

    I wish nothing but the best for everyone on here. I know so profoundly how hard it is to deal with ADD, especially for people around my age when ADD had such a negative stigma attached to it.


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