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Concerta vs Ritalin (How they are different -> Belief

Concerta vs Ritalin (How they are different -> Belief2014-03-15T03:30:23+00:00

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    I am making this topic to give my opinion on the difference between Concerta XR and Ritalin LA/IR.

    Please note:

    These are just from my experience and view from one side.
    Please do not let it fully have any change on you, as in you know yourself .

    I remember on Ritalin LA, well like I have just realized (over the past 1+ year on Concerta and 2 years on Ritalin LA/IR in the past <- before Concerta),


    That, well in my experience I see that Concerta a lot of the time (a big % of the time)  is missing a ‘instant effect’ , Now Look: I am not saying that the “instant effect” is needed or anything like that, No no ; but like it really depends on the person, the thing is Concerta in my opinion lacks that “fully”, as in if you have a work or study that generally must be 90-100% always you on balanced then Concerta is a bit weak on that side, because lets say; (for example): You had a job that needed you to be on “alert” <- What I mean by that is, no mistakes, a job such as a lets say a Flight Control person or another job like that, you know that sort of zone. I think that Concerta is a bit “that way or this way”, as in it can make you too much or is missing something (Concerta is), compared to Ritalin LA/IR. From my experience/opinion.


    And I have fully noticed and realized it now that Concerta is missing that “motivation?” type of thing, so lets say you are doing something ( a task), with Concerta the Concerta makes you 60+% maybe do that task but a lot of the time without being in a “state of mind” what I mean by that is, the Concerta a lot of the time effects your actions more in a way than Ritalin LA/IR. (Depends on a lot of things,etc). I think that well I have experienced that with the Ritalin LA/IR -> It is more motivating 99% of the time. And Concerta lacks that “motivating”,


    I am just saying, I’m not saying its awful, but like its a bit unstable?


    When I said Ritalin LA/IR (Either one of them. I did not take them together).


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    Hi @tom1

    It’s good to share your personal experiences with medication. Even though it is just one person’s experience, it can be very helpful to others. I started my own thread about my experience with Vyvanse awhile ago. And then forgot about it, of course. One thing I can say for sure is that my memory is not improving much.

    But I don’t want to get off topic.

    I have never taken Concerta and only used Ritalin for a short period of time years ago. But from what I understand, Concerta does have a more slow, subtle effect than Ritalin. It won’t give you that instant “on” feeling, like flipping a switch. Which means you have to motivate yourself more. If you can get started on a task, then it will help you to focus. But you have to get started first, which can be a problem for a lot of people. That is where the more “inastant effect” from Ritalin might be helpful.


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