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Could I have ADHD?

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    Well, for starters, I’ve always had trouble with patience and concentrating. Even when I was very little I can remember getting grilled for my forgetfulness and tendency to zone out when people are talking. Even now, I have a terribly explosive temper, little to no patience, I get distracted very easily and hard as I try, I can never get anywhere on time- it seems like I’m always so distracted.

    I’m also a terrible procrastinator and I get bored extremely fast. I have no tolerance for anything slow or tedious; in fact, I crave those high adrenaline situations.

    I’m usually completely absorbed in my own racing thoughts. So much in fact, that I often become oblivious to what’s going on around me. In the instance that I’m not, however, I get extremely restless, even hyper.

    Waiting in line is just one of those things that I simply can’t bear. I have to keep moving, keep racing through. There’s no time for anything!! It must be done, NOW!!!

    Another thing I’ve never realized is how loud and rambly I can be when I’m talking, something my parents so kindly brought up.. apparently, I TAlK LIKE THIS AND CAN GET SORT OF SPASTIC.

    If this is ADHD, nobody would’ve ever noticed it before, probably because I’m homeschooled and I exercise very hard every day. On the rare occasion I take more than a day off, I go stir crazy. I pace. I jump. I run around the house and you can’t shut me up. Even on a normal day I have trouble if I have to sit still or focus on schoolwork.

    Besides for my anger issues, forgetfulness and total lack of patience, I’ve never been accused of having behavioral issues. However, I do have trouble with studying and schoolwork- I’ll continuously zone out and procrastinate up until the last minute, and I shudder to think of what will happen when I go to college.

    I wouldn’t want to go to a psychologist or anything like that (my mom brought my little sister once because of OCD- not really a good experience..), because if this is ADHD, I’ve learned to cope with it pretty well (I think?!) and would rather not be labeled or go through all that stuff. Anyways, what do you guys think? Could I possibly have ADD/ADHD?


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    It sounds like ADHD is a possibility. Remember that there are other health situations out there that mimic ADHD. I know somebody who has just been diagnosed with an over-active thyroid. Her symptoms matched to those of ADHD, because she has always been very hyper and energetic.

    If I were you, I’d see a doctor if it’s getting in the way of your life. If you’re coping well, and aren’t bothered, then it is your decision. I am currently waiting for my diagnosis, because I want to know what’s going on with me. However, once I’m diagnosed, and if it is ADD, then I’m not going on medication. I just want to know, so I can help myself and turn my life around. To give myself peace of mind! Good luck, and remember – keep calm and make your own decisions, it’s your life :)


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    Sounds to me like you are very ADHD. But like Berry says, there are other things that should be eliminated first. Find a professional who specializes in or is familiar with ADHD and get evaluated. My guess, based on my son’s experience, is that college will be a complete trainwreck, expensive trainwreck unless you are able to find the right meds to control your symptoms.

    <Besides for my anger issues, forgetfulness and total lack of patience, I’ve never been accused of having behavioral issues.> sounds like

    “Other than that first degree murder conviction, I’ve never been told I’m violent.”

    Sorry if I seem negative, I can’t imagine what I would write if I were having a bad day. But you do sound very ADHD from your description.

    Bottom line: This is a good site for getting a variety of opinions and tons of support. We’re glad to have you join us, keep checking for other responses, and let us know what happens. In the meantime, check other threads in the forum for information relative to your questions.


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    Have you tried the virtual doctor test on this site? It might also give you some more insight.

    And LOL kc5jck – I’m cracking up over your “Other than that first degree murder conviction, I’ve never been told I’m violent ” comment. Thanks for the laugh!

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