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Crashing after a big event…

Crashing after a big event…2012-08-14T14:45:14+00:00

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    Don’t judge the past or yourself. There is nothing to be gained. Look at it, learn from it, and if anything, give yourself credit for surviving it and being in a position to go forward. Once you have the right medication, you will be in a position to make great positive changes in your life.

    This site gave comparative cost of medications http://drugs.about.com/od/faqsaboutyourdrugs/f/ADHD_generics.htm

    I would ask for a straight stimulant like an Adderall generic at first, if your co-conditions allow. It’s relatively cheap and allows you adjust the dosage somewhat yourself by halving the tablets.. If you go straight onto an extended release medication you risk wasting most of a prescription if the dose is wrong, or side effects are not tolerable.

    My wife’s co-pay for Concerta ER was $50, whereas Adderall generic is $10.

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