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Dang, I'm so sorry, I jus killed another thread by posting a link.

Dang, I'm so sorry, I jus killed another thread by posting a link.2012-06-03T02:04:18+00:00

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    I posted a link to the resulting search result on the “Told dr. 20mg every 4 hours she said not okay” thread and now that whole thread won’t load.

    We figured out how to keep a thread from “crashing” for lack of a better term, but I sorta gambled cuz I wanted to help… Sorry about that whoever it is that wanted some info… this sux. So at least we know for sure that the cauze of this bug is posting a link…

    I won’t complain, Rick posted on the thread titled “Open Chat Room” that he’s/they’re are working on it… So I guess this is a confirmation that posting a link to another web site, maybe google especially, messes with the software of this whole shabang.

    Ahhm vary saarrry. (I’m very sorry)

    I can’t help it. Sometimes I still act like a dork ***hands in air, confuzed look with a lil bit of a smirk cuz I’m a smart ass too, plus I’m not beating myself up either***

    A thousand apologies…

    I wish I had a picture of a dog with a confuzed look and his head turned sidewayz… I would use that for my Avatar. I could use that picture of a horses behind, but it wouldn’t be as funny as last week, huh?

    What can a man do????

    could ya forgive me you guys?

    I noo bedder, I’m just a brat. I’ll go ask one of my neighbors to verbally abuse me, ukay? Duz that sound like a suitable punishment?

    AAyyye that was a rhetorical question okay?


    If I believed in a punishing God, I would say it’s cuz I’m still on my computer instead of going to church. But I don’t, So…. well. Heck!

    I forgive me. Guess you guys have to too. Right?

    welp, dat’z up to ya’all then, isn’t it?


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    Hahaha Robbo. We have ADHD – of course we’re going to want to post links now we know we can’t.


    You’ve seen Rick’s video with the wet paint? Same thing!

    But at least it looks like you’ve proved Amy’s hypothesis now.


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    yeah! huh?

    That’s what I heard on the news…. lol. I dunno why but people always snicker when I say that. It’s a matter of how you say it. kinda like ladka from Taxi, mebby.

    ADHD is crap, but hek, some people call that fertilizer!. either way it stinks, huh?

    Hay! what’r you doing up so dang late? gonna look like poo at cherch tomorow. “talking to myself cuz I’m fallin asleep at the keyboard…

    I’ve been having too much fun on this web site. I feel like I’m gonna get in trouble… with who though? hek, it snot like I got tons fo frens anywayzzz. ptoooey. fooey. boo.



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    ****scrape scraype, scrubb**** (paint on fingers agen, hehe) I’m thumbing my nose at all the folks in my life that hardly know me, and I told em about this web site… They’re the ones that always have that awkward look on their faces at church lol.

    People are just weird, huh? at least we got a diagnosed reason…

    We are the 4%ers, and WE MATTER!


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