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Dealing with Change

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    This is the first year I have been out of school. I graduated in July 2010 and the thing I feared most has come true. My routine has changed making my life into a consent battle with inner anxiety. My mom is noticing though and she is pointing it out. All I want to do is go to class or something. I got a membership at the local gym, which has been helping, applying for jobs, and I did have one interview. It is now that I want to curl up and do something of my old routine.


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    Change is scary when it is imposed on you rather than you yourself being the agent of it. I so understand. It’s not all adhd. the lousy economy is hurting us all. don’t lose hope. keep plugging away.


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    I was 22 months out of work………. that was between 02 and 04

    You may have to take a “lesser position” for a while, not exactly what you want, but today, having any job is good for the resume.

    Interviews – get help on those, it can be a deal breaker.

    And remember, the resume is the first thing they know about you – it had better get their attention and be really good, otherwise they will never get the chance to know you through interview.

    Hang in there – one thing I try to keep in mind – no matter how bad the day is, there’s always a whole lotta folks in worse shape.

    Keeping that in mind, we help the local food banks a lot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)