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Define Crazy!

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    Great answer Cat. Sounds like Einsteins theory of creativity. Oops. I mean relativity. hehe. Seriously I didn’t do that on purpose. Some kind of Freudian slip? Anyways, yeah! I totally agree and I didn’t even check out the web site you gave us yet. I will.

    And “The same guy” That was a great movie, thanks for reminding me of the adorable cute chick, she’s on some new show now, but i just have basic cable now, can’t stand commercials.

    I have considered the fact that yes indeed, I may have add. And it ain’t fun. The “your personal strengths” video helps tons, thanks a billion Dr. Umesh Jain. Yer awsome.

    There is a solution, almost none of us liked it…. yada yadda blah blah. you know the rest huh?

    Ges I better go do my homework now. I hope I get to find those king of the hill videos, that’s freaky how I couldn’t find em. Like some higher power is trying to help me focus on the solution and not stay up too late doing homeworks. huh?

    Later potaters.


    PS my new and best/favorite saying is “there is no box” in other words, why bother to define anyone, they’re growing and changing. You’ll be wrong before you get done judging anyone anyway. Yeah, some folks get stuck, I’ve been stuck in depression, but that too did pass. All we really have to do is stay alive and do our best. Cooperate with sucksess. hehe. I spelt it that way on purpose because people define success in so many dumb ways it’s just plain sucky. And thanks for letting me share my 7 cents. I have never been able to just put in 2 cents worth of my opinion. At least now I sorta have an excuse. Not really, I know. But sorta, I’m always looking for the positive. Show me a room full of horse poo, and I’ll tell ya there’s got to be a perfectly healthy young colt, waiting to be my friend, companion, and transportation that will eat me out of house and home. I’ll be grateful too. A house n home is a pain in the neck to hold on to, take care of, defend, insure… yadda yadda. STufff. does your stuff own you, or do you own your stuff.

    I’d rather have a pile of hoarse stuff, than a bunch of the stuff! “the jones'” have, that I’m supposed to keep up with. That sure is easy to say, n read huh? grrr. Then I get another zero percent until next year credit card offer. This time if I spend 300 bux, in the first 3 months I get 100 bux back! hmmmm. They’re just waiting for me to screw up huh? I got my kid a super cool graduation gift, n smart stuff I need to save money on batterys for my battery operated stuff. hehe. She graduated in june, my life was a hecktic mess, forgot to get her a graduation gift! AAACK, so I sent her a text n asked her what the top 5 things she wanted for graduation, but didn’t get. Wow I surprised myself. Brilliant! (with a British accent) It kinda sounds sarcastic with a British accent, but I don’t mean it that way.

    K datz it


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    I am crazy, but it keeps me from going insane. and just a little nuts to top it all of.lol


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    Frankly, I prefer crazy, and I’m glad Rick is not normal. Otherwise, one of my favorite shows would have never lasted, and this site would not be here.


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    Robbo, by your long rambling posts, have you ever considered the possibility that you might have ADD?

    Ha-ha, as we used to say “G, D&R”-

    Hey man, what does G, D&R stand for? It’s fun to say “what does O I C stand for”, hehe.

    If I print out this whole page I bet they might consider giving me a little therapy. Nah, I get too upset when rejected, again. It’s not as easy to discourage me as it used to be. All I gotta do is turn off my mom’s angry voice in my imagination. There are some fun things I can think about her saying. Stuff that’s even probably true!.


    Patte Rosebank
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    Lately, “crazy” seems to have become a synonym for “really, really”. As in, “It’s crazy good”.

    It’s terrible grammar, but it’s nice to know that “crazy” has acquired a bit of a positive new meaning.


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    So are we now lazy and crazy stupid?


    allan wallace
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    Lazy and Crazy Stupid, eh? *yawn* I just want another cup of tea, and get around to my first of 50 or so games of 3 minute kamikaze internet scrabble! I just wish that they could come up with 1 or 2 min games…even the 3 minute games are beginning to become boring :)


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    Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Yet, I get up every day….

    Yeah, I know I’m answering something eight years old, but it’s still pertinent.
    And, thank you Rick, for all of this.
    Your opening is spot-on.

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